SOLVED: Ability to save image-specific Nik Control Point settings

Some while ago, I posted a request/suggestion for ability to save image-specific filter AND Control Point settings in a side-car file … which, at the time, attracted 18 votes.

Happily, I’ve discovered how this can be achieved - via a very simple (but obscure) capability ALREADY built into the Nik tools (tho, I have tested this only for Color Efex Pro).

This solution is explained in recent Webinar presented by Dan Hughes (who’s been providing education for the Nik Collection since the pre-Google/DxO days !!)

Paraphrasing Dan … at about the 41:00 minute mark, towards the end of the presentation;

  • when using the “Save Recipe” button (to save all current Filter settings) - hold down the Shift-key at the same time as pressing the button - - and any current Control-Points will also be saved.

Why would you want to do this ??!!

  • Normally you would not - as Control-Points/U-Points uniquely apply to a specific areas of an image.
  • However, if you have a number of similar shots of a scene - then it’s convenient to do all the Control-Point work once, on one image … then save the recipe WITH Control-Points … then apply the recipe to the related images … then fine-tune by moving the Control-Points around, as necessary - rather than having to start from scratch with each related image (and hope you were consistent !)
  • Also, I like to save all the corrections made to each image (INCLUDING the Control Points) that I applied with the Nik tool - so that I can come back and revisit them - without having to start from scratch.

Brilliant - Thanks Dan !!

Regards, John M

Update: This also works when updating an existing recipe …

  • Hold down Shift-key while clicking this button: DxO_Nik

Thank you John to put this into written words for everybody.
I watched the webinar (direct link) yesterday and wrote it down too.

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I’ve been wanting to be able to save the control points since the first days of Nik software. Thank you for posting it

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Thanks a lot for posting the trick, John !

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Hello everyone!

I’ve moved this topic into the newly created and dedicated Category on the forum.
Enjoy :wink:

Best regards

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thank you John, much appreciated

Thanks John

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It woulld be nice to makes this function more obvious

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OMG, I’ve been wanting to do this for about a year now. Stupid of me not to have checked the forums before. Thank You so much for posting this John! Maybe I should be watching thses webinars more often.

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