NIK duplicates files with each edit

Just started using DXO Photolab 2 plus NIK Collection. Here’s the problem: When I edit a photo with NIK for noise reduction, sharpening, etc., it will create a separate file of the image. Is there a setting to stop this and have all different NIK edits applied to just one image? I’ve not been able to find the setting (if it exists) to stop this multiplication of the original image. Any help to solve this problem will be hugely appreciated.



Hi Richard,

I’m guessing that you are using PL to invoke each different Nik tool - - Is that correct ?
-eg. Invoke, say, Color Efex Pro from PL - - and do your work in Color Efex Pro
-then invoke, say, Silver Efex Pro from PL - - and do your work in Silver Efex Pro, etc

If so, then every time you invoke a new Nik tool from PL you are starting from scratch each time - - PL is exporting to the Nik tool from the original processed source file (eg. RAW or JPG)

Instead, you will need to do one of the following;

  • Either complete your work in the first Nik tool and then open the saved result (from the first tool) directly by the next Nik tool (assuming that tool will allow an image to be opened therein), and so on.
  • OR, you can complete your work in the first Nik tool and save the result - then use the saved result to invoke the next Nik tool - BUT use the Export to application option = Export file(s) without processing.

On the other hand, tho; PL does an exemplary job in sharpening (via its automated Lens sharpness modules for each unique body+lens combination) and Noise Reduction (best of class, via PRIME NR) - - You’d save a lot of extra processing if you were use PL itself for these purposes.

Regards, John M


Unlike PhotoLab, which does non-destructive edits, putting the chages in a sidecar file, Nik edits “destructively”, in that the original file gets changed. To avoid losing a previous version of an image, which can be useful if you want to undo changes, Nik creates a copy version for each new edit before allowing you to edit the copy.

Or would you rather not have the ability to revert to a previous version?

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Automatically ?? - I was not aware of that, Joanna - - Could you please elaborate (?)

John M

Yes, that’s correct - However, there is a way to save all changes (including U-point coordinates) applied by any Nik tool - so that the changes can be replicated, starting from the image exported from PL.
See here for details.

John M

Ah, sorry John. I was assuming starting from PhotoLab via the NikCollection button.

If not working that way, I, personally, would be inclined to make a “backup” copy before doing any destructive adits anyway :nerd_face: