Keyboard shortcut: Show selection

Add keyboard shortcut(s) to show or hide the mask associated with a control point.

Not sure if I have this correctly, but (on Windows) simply hit the ‘M’ key and it displays the mask. Hitting again removes displaying the mask.

The M shortcut does not have an effect in Nik collection’s Color Efex Pro 4.

I don’t know about other Nik modules.

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My bad, I missed that you were referring to NIK rather than PL

Solved: image


John M

PS. You may also be interested in this, Pierre.

Hi John-M

I knew how to show or hide the masks using the controls of the side panel.

My request is for a keyboard shortcut that would be equivalent to the check box on the side panel. A keyboard shortcut would be quite convenient.

Thanks for the link to the method for saving control points. I haven’t used that function yet.

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