Do not reset control points when selected another preset or give a choice

For short, it should give the option to save or not control points with the preset, AND IT SHOULD NOT reset the control points when I switch presets, or ask me if I want to reset. (may be it should be at preferences reset or not ?)

Viveza and Silver Efex Version 3 give the option to save control points with the preset. I think it should give a choice to save them or not. Most preset are good start or even define a style on my photography, but each photo is different, why I would I save control points ?

The worse thing, is reset the control points when I change the preset while I’m working on a photo that I already defined several control points. I create, and for sure many others, some presets with subtle differences. On earlier Silver versions I often switch presets to choose which one is better for that particular photo, and course without the need to redefine ALL control points on each try.

Is just a logical thing.

For me, just don’t make sense to save control points but it’s ok to have the option, and don’t make sense at all reset control points when I switch form one preset to another.

Because …

Having said that, tho - I do concur with your main point.


PS. Don’t forget to vote for your own request/suggestion, Adriano.

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Yes, there should be an option to keep / delete the control points, when changing the preset.

With control points active, one can’t hover over the presets and see the changes live as before in SEP2. To have to save a custom preset with control points just for the sake of keeping them – that’s really annoying.

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