Allow saving of Control Points in Viveza

Lack of parity between apps in the NIK Collection is frustrating. I’d use Viveza every day if I could save the Control Points. I’m not interested in DxO image editors or Adobe apps - I use NIK as standalone apps. I’d like to be able to create and save recipes and control points?

Hi, Jez. If you change the topic sub-category to “Which feature do you need?” you and other customers can vote for the feature request.

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Cheers for the heads-up, Egregious. Done. Please vote for this feature…

Hello Jez - would that solve your issue: SOLVED: Ability to save image-specific Nik Control Point settings

That was my initial thought too, @sigi … but there’s no provision in Viveza to save Recipes (with or without Control Points).

On the other hand, as a PhotoLab user, I have no need/use for Viveza at all … I do use Color Efex Pro, tho, with ability to save Recipes+ControlPoints (as explained in the link provided above).

John M

No, not at all. Unlike Analog Efex (love that app), Vivezza doesn’t have Recipes which renders it completely useless.

Thanks for getting in touch, Sigi. Amazed to get a response. Much appreciated!