Nik 3.0 for PL 3.0 Elite + VP + FP User?

There seems to be some duplicated functionalities… what can one gain by using Nik 3.0 that he/she can’t already do with PhotoLab 3.0 Elite + ViewPoint + FilmPack?


Don’t forget Nik doesn’t do RAW

I’ll take your question in 2 parts, loyukfai;

  1. What can one gain by using Nik 3.0 that he/she can’t already do with PL 3.0 Elite + ViewPoint?
    Nothing at all - - In fact, if you have PL then it’s a backward step to use Nik’s new Perspective tool as it requires exporting an interim file from PL to NIK - - whereas, VP is nicely integrated into PL.

  2. What can one gain by using Nik 3.0 that he/she can’t already do with PL 3.0 Elite + FilmPack?
    Plenty - - Nik tools such as Color Efex, Analog Efex & HDR Efex (and, to a lesser extent, Silver Efex) all have features that are not available in FilmPack.
    – On the other hand, FP does provide some additional features not available in standard PL (such as additional Contrast fine-tuning sliders).

Note: Personally, I don’t bother with the Nik Sharpener & Dfine tools - as I reckon PL handles these capabilities by itself (without the hassle of having to transfer interim files to & fro).

John M

Thanks for the replies!

I have a question about new non-destructive workflow. Is it only for LR? Or is it also possible with the PL? I stil using free version of Nik and untill now did not miss any new version of nik. At least as Elite Suite User I do not want to by regular DXO PL version additionally. But probably this case will interesting to me.

Best regards, Leo

Hi Leo.
Yes, the non-destructive workflow is available working from PL3.3. You can buy the Nik collection only, without buying PL3 essential. At least we can in the USA.

Here is a link to information on non-destructive editing using the Nik Collection 3.

None destructive Nik Collection editing is supported using PhotoLab as well as Lightroom. The first section of this link describes how to do this in PhotoLab.

It is really all about using the correct export settings in the Nik menu. The first time you edit an image you have to select TIFF as the export file type. When you export to a Nik program, you need to select the check box next to the save/cancel buttons that indicates “save and edit later”. When you complete editing and return to PL you can re-edit the file where you left of by changing the Export setting to “Export selected files without processing”. You can then select any of the Nik programs to continue editing where you left off. It may seem confusing at first, but it is really quite simple


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Hi Leo,

You say you’re still using the Google/Free version if the Nik Collection, so, I assume you’re happy to handle a few workarounds - in which case, you might be interested in a process that enables a non-destructive workflow using any version of the Nik Collection. - as explained in more detail here.

Regards, John M

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Hi John,
I think that he is using the “Free Trial” version of Nik 3. Thanks for posting the link though.

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Not yet intalled trial, but I use really the first free DXO version inherited from Google. And seems to be will use this further with workarounfd from John :). Lets se :).

New perspective ug-in is not so intersting to me, I have already PL Suite Elite.

Many thanks @John-M!
Regrds, Leo

My bad! Apologies to you both. :upside_down_face:

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