Create a new section to share - tutorials - tips - presets - recipes - etc

How do you collect important informations about learning to use PL and NIK on the forum ?
I see a few topics and bookmark a few posts by reading ALL the forum.
Wouldn’t it be easier, especially for the newcomers and those who can not read all the single messages here- to have a dedicated -curated- place ? Or at least a special keyword ?
How can we implement a solution ?
Maybe something already exist and I am not aware it does ?
Thank you and have a great weekend.


Good idea. You have my vote. There is a thread about presets but that’s it as far as I know

For example:

but one has to search and dig or read the forum daily to be aware these informations exist.


Like This?

Or do you mean a section as in it’s own catagory?
And move all threads in this kind in there?
Sounds as a good idea.:grinning:
With a sticky in the header links for the other official DxO tutorials and webinairs?

Well I mentionned this thread in my original post.
This is useful to start but you rapidly loose sight of the content while it grows longer and longer…

Or, that we use the keywording possibilities of the forum to tag the threads and posts in a serious way.

Good idea too.

@sgospodarenko? Is this suggestion possible?
I know there are also official web link locations on the Official DxO home page but if indeed our own tips are solid and tested (clean(ed) from discussions) and we request a move, which you can provide, to that Category in order to prevent cluttering and double entries.
So only solid things are in there and simple questions or things we test and find out can just be out here.

In the mean time we posters try to remember to use the “tips” or “Tutorial” or “Presets” tags for easy finding. :grin: (hopefully we can add them later)


I do not want to give more work to the moderation team, so it is up to us user to post only specific informations.

My only idea is to get a place where I can have an overview of all this useful material without having to dig inside endless threads.

For example if I read in a discussion a good piece of information I will copy the information and post it in a new thread (with a link to the original message).
In this new thread, the main info will always be in the very first message.

Hello guys,

I completely agree with your request. But as I do not have such privileges to create a new section I’ve asked a dedicated person.

Svetlana G.


Hello Folks!

I’ve created the new dedicated session and moved this topic into it.
We’ll try to move other related topics in order to populate it as well.

Enjoy :wink:

Best regards


Thanks Fabrizio


I’ve also did the same for the NIk Collection.
Enjoy :wink:


Thank you.
Nice to see the new place on the forum :+1: