Tutorial for DxO viewPoint and PhotoLab


I propose a new tutorial dedicated to ViewPoint. It has been written by @gerarto.
This tutorial is mainly a reflection on the perspective correction in photography.

I updated the main tutorial “Efficiency with DxO PhotoLab”.
I updated the others tutorials, more information with a new layout.

As a DxO user, I give you my tips and tricks which might make you more efficient.

1- Discovering DxO PhotoLab
A quick overview for users used others development software

2- Efficiency with DxO PhotoLab - The means to get quickly to better results
Intended for experienced users, it explains the functioning and gives some recipes for more efficiency.

3- Local Adjustments with DxO PhotoLab
A user guide to Enhance the visibility of your photos.

4- Perspective correction with DxO ViewPoint - Intervene on the image geometry
A reflection on the perspective correction in photography.

I hope you will enjoy these tutorials.

N.B. Site designed for display with Firefox on HD screen - 1920x1080


Keep up the good work. We need this sort of information and help to go forward.

Post removed as the minor issue was fixed very speedily by Pascal, so users can access his excellent tutorials :smiley:

So great those tutorials and made with a huge amount of effort. If I only would have more time for those. Thanks for sharing and keeping on with it.

Merci Pascal :grinning:

That’s great, thanks Pascal, well done, very useful!

Thank you!!!

Not only are they enjoyable, but there is a lot of useful information in your tutorials. Keep up the good work! Thank you.!

Regards, Joseph

Outstanding work . I like how you present it too.

Would like to express my gratitude for this documentation. An absolutely lifesaver and quality booster when working with PhotoLab (any version). Keep it up!