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Dear DxO
(As you don’t give an email adress to write to:)
I’m a happy owner of Photolab 3 Elite and Nik Collection 2 and would like to upgrade to Nik Collection 3, BUT …
having studied your website with the new features I find your upgrade-price, 59.99 €, is EXTREMELY HIGH for an owner of 2.
So I’ll stay with 2 for now, thinking that 3 is not that big deal. Confirmed, as you still refer to Nik Collection 2 … not 3 ;-), when you mention Wildlife and Family presets (https://nikcollection.dxo.com/presets/)!.

Kind regards

Main difference from nik 2 to nik 3 was the addition of viewpoint. Plus some light improvement, many have said if you already have viewpoint with PL there was no reason to buy nik3 if you have nik2.

I have found the non-destructive workflow, available in Nik3 and usable between PL3 and any one single Nik tool, to be extremely useful.


Actually, a non-destructive workflow is possible using any version of the Nik Collection - - tho, it is better automated with Nik v3.

John M

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