Request: Fine tuning local-adjustment sliders (Consistency issue)

Existing problem:
Means by which fine-tuning can be made to adjustment sliders is currently not consistent between Global versus Local adjustments - This causes confusion, and inhibits useability for keyboard users.

Implementation of ability to make fine changes to Local Adjustment sliders by selecting the cursor and keeping it pressed while moving the mouse away from the slider is both clever and effective. And, it’s excellent to see that this ability has been retrofitted to the Global Adjustment sliders … Nice one ! :grin:

However, there is also ability to make fine adjustments to Global Adjustment sliders by clicking on the cursor and then tapping the up/down & left/right arrow keys - - - which is an excellent feature for keyboard users.

But, this ability is currently not available for use with Local Adjustment sliders - - and, as such, ability to fine-tune slider settings is inconsistent between Local & Global Adjustments. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Proposed solution:
Provide total consistency in fine-tuning adjustment sliders (for BOTH Local AND Global adjustments) by implementing the adjustment-via-keyboard method (currently available for Global Adjustments) for Local adjustments too.

PS. I forgot to mention:
The adjustment sliders in the Nik Collection tools work this way too (as proposed above).


Hi John,

You have my vote

My wishes for 2020 :
Following our exchanges in another thread, i would strongly suggest to also make the scales of local ajustments taller, allowing to select quickly a precise value (see LR for example…) and especially to improve :

  • the luminosity scale (most probable corrections are below 1 - typical examples :add light in eyes or hairs - , so it is not convenient to have the same scale from 0 to 4) and
  • the temperature WB scale : quite annoying to obtain quickly precise values (let’s say to go from 6100 to 6200 for instance)
    A solution could be to allow direct entry as for global ajustments…
    I found also the scale for the brush size to be too big
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@John-M : i put it in the table for PL4

Oops sorry already in there

Update to this request:

This being the case (that the Mac version of PL already enables manipulation of Local Adjustment sliders via the up/down arrow keys) - then, please add this ability to the Win version too.

John M


I’d love keyboard control of the sliders!!! (… in the Windows version. I’m very jealous that the Mac users have it!)

I find those sliders especially frustrating when it comes to the Warmth, Hue and Tint. They are way too over-reactive. I work a lot on beaches and I need my warmth adjustments to be subtle. This is proving a serious frustration for me. Even if I put my mouse in sniper mode I find it impossible. The smallest increment I can make it jump in is about 175 K.

Even with that sideways drag it’s frustrating to make a subtle adjustment. By the time you’ve dragged across to get first gear, you’re out by a thousand kelvin and then it’s practically impossible to get it back to the range you were working in because now the increments are too small. At least the tool gives you a Kelvin readout so you know where you started.

It’s implemented counter-intuitively. It should be that the initial drag of the mouse gives you small increments while a sideways drag can shift it up a gear. Who starts his car in top gear and then moves down to first?!


@John-M is there any sign of any movement on this? I’ve given myself a lot of time to get used to it but have just become more and more frustrated by it. Having gotten to know and love control points while using Capture NX2 (now defunct) I use control points a lot and almost always end up banging my head against those colour sliders. I’m jealous to discover from Joanna’s comments here that the Mac version has this. I’m on a Win10 PC and still on PL3. Have they fixed it on v4?

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No, nothing as yet, Andrew … but there seems to be plenty of user support for this issue to be fixed (27 votes as I now write) - so, hopefully, DxO will take notice and action.

  • Do we really, REALLY need DxO to take notice of this request ?

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And give a way to input numeric values would be very helpfull too.

Any improvement at all in this area would be very very welcome. The currently provided methods of adjusting local-adjustment sliders (on Windows) simply don’t work for me, its far too difficult and far too slow to attempt any kind of fine adjustment.

I am reasonably new to this forum although I have been using DXO for many years but having just downloaded PL5 I am really disappointed that this function is not updated. Trying to make very small adjustments is almost impossible which is what you want. Making large adjustments means your photo is wrong in the first place and that is all you can do with the way the adjustment levers work now. I have two issues with DXO and this is one of them. Get this right and this will be a major step forward and it should not be difficult to have a local adjustment pallet. Just added my vote to this.


If you are using the Windows version, click on the local adjustment slider you want to adjust with your mouse and pull the pointer to the right while holding the button before moving it up and down to adjust the slider. The farther to the right of the slider you pull your mouse, The slower the slider moves and the granularity is increased. Unfortunately, most people don’t know that feature exists in the Windows version. It allows users to adjust the LA sliders by very small amounts.


Thanks Mark. Neat trick so thank you.

Just realised this request dates from January 18! Why are you ignoring it DxO? @StevenL

Great request @John-M. Upvoted. To quote myself about the local adjustments equaliser:

The missing piece is a modifier key – it could be shift or option, which when pressed slows the sliders down to 1/5 normal speed. What happens to me now is what some of you have described. I am aiming for Highlights -10 and have to settle for -7 to -14, whatever I can hit which is roughly in the range. Trying to hit a specific number is very difficult. Or Exposure +20, I end up trying four or five times before I get close with numbers between +12 and +36.

It’s all we need to make the equalisers much easier to use. The same modifier key could also make global palette adjustment sliders less sensitive.

Don’t seem to have this feature on Mac.

I believe you are correct about that Alec. If I recall correctly, @Joanna indicated earlier in a year that this feature is not available for Macs.


And @Joanna said again in recent post: What's the best thing about PL5? - #96 by Joanna

So perhaps a better solution on Mac?

Moving the pointer to the right as mwsilvers say is NOT PRECISE ENOUGH, and even drives most of the time mad to get the good value (to far to the right, not enough far to the right, ohh seems good, aarrrgghh I didn’t slide in a straight line !!!).
Definatly not a usable solution.

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It may not be an ideal solution, but with practice you will be able to put in precise values.


I practise it since lot of time (don’t remember when it appears but I have a photolab licence since v3).
And no. This is not usable.
Unless maybe if I change my mouse setting (having it move slower) everytime I use photo lab. And this is neither a good solution.
This is why now I often switch to an other software to make subtil adustments after demosaicing in photolab.
Even if photolab could have make them.