More kb shortcuts (for example for Tourbox support)

I would like to see kb shortcuts for example to get straight to the wb-temp, and wb-tint slider. Then using for example the arrow keys, each press do +1 or -1. Same for exposure, contrast, smart lighting, hi/mid/shad/blacks, vibrancy, saturation and all the other much used tools when developing a RAW file.

This would making fast standard adjustments SO much easier and faster to perform. It will also make setting up a hardware tool like Tourbox useful. This makes editing so much faster.

The current way requires clicking through tabs, enabling the tool, and then that weird click and move to the right to fine-tune. This is really one of my biggest annoyances that could eventually get me moving to another software package (and I bought PL5, Filmpack and NIK Collection. I like to think I’m a loyal customer :)).

Thanks so much!

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This kind of FR’s we have had for a long time. May I suggest you to search for things like " arrow key" or “shortcuts” and when finding an older request like Request: Fine tuning local-adjustment sliders (Consistency issue) to vote for this, to bring it back and count the votes up.

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There are many posts on this suget whose mine here

Welcome, Jeroen.

Assuming you’re referring to the global adjustment sliders (not local adjustments);

  • If you click on any slider, to direct focus to it, then you can use the arrow keys to increment/decrement its value by +/- 1.
  • Also, if you right-click on either side of the slider-control then its value will be adjusted by +/- 10 according to the side you clicked on.

For similar ability for local adjustment sliders, see the link provided by Guenter, above.

Regards, John M

Just to be clear, I voted for both of your requests. But your requests is not exactly what I requested. I do not only want to be able to adjust slider values. I also would like to have tools directly available through kb shortcuts. And then directly to tint and whitebalance for example. Not just highlight whitebalance for both white balance and tint.

So, one kb shortcut I get access to the microcontrast (under the contrast tool), and then kb shortcuts to move the value up or down.

This way I can set a button on the Tourbox to get the right slider, and then using one of the turning wheels I can easily and precisely move that value up or down. So the possibility to use the program without the need for any clicking in the GUI or having to use the mouse :slight_smile:

Hello Jeroen, you also should vote for your own request :wink: as I just did although I returned a little loupedeck device to the manufacturer. Poor support, language support even worse and no use with PL due to the lack of KB shortcuts. Given the time since the first feature request and the results I don’t have any hope for more activity on that field. But one can still try…

Thanks for the replies everyone :slight_smile:

Thanks John-M! I did not know that. So that is half of my request being answered. Hope that last bit of getting those sliders highlighted over kb shortcuts will be added to make it complete…

And voted for my own request :smiley: Oh that’s a shame JoJu. I enjoy using the Tourbox so much. Its so much more intuitive and faster too. Makes no sense to me if something is being requested so much, that it is not being added… There must be a good reason.

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The little loupedeck could also be a useful device, but poor documentation, non-existing language support and last not least PL’s lack of shortcuts made it pretty much useless.

I just started using DxO PhotoLab 7 and created a basic TourBox (Elite) Preset to meet my requirements. This was a game changer for me. It took a little time to create but is simple and something anyone can do using the DxO Keyboard shortcuts list and TourBox Console. You are welcome to download and make modifications as needed.