Local adjustment sensitivity

Just to clarify the way to adjust the sensitivity of the sliders in Local Adjustments.

Some have found the sliders a little coarse; it’s difficult to make small adjustments. While there are instructions in the forum, I found them incomplete. Here’s the solution:

Left click-hold a slider and, continuing to hold the left button, move the cursor laterally and vertically. The further the cursor is moved from the slider, the lesser the effect of the vertical movement.


And here is how it looks like visually:

Svetlana G.


Oooo! Magic! And there was me irritated by the lack of sensitivity in those sliders for a loooong time now.



This doesn’t appear to work on a Mac :unamused:

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True, no difference

Thanks for clarifying! I used this functionality without ‘knowing’ (and yes, it’s burried in the help :face_with_hand_over_mouth:).

Thanks, Jim - 'Tis certainly a “good thing” to remind us all about this fine-adjustment feature. However, it would be even better if behaviour of the LA sliders was consistent with all of PL’s other correction sliders - such that slider adjustments can be applied via the cursor keys.

More details here … with 13 votes already !!, as at time of this post.

John M