Cursor keys active for adjustments

Make cursor heys active for whichever control/slider is active.
This should work as follows.
Click on, or start to drag a slider. Now that slider is selected. Any keyboard cursor presses should move that slider in the direction of the cursor pressed.

I find myself wanting this when adjusting settings in a local adjustment, but IMO it makes sense for any adjustment slider. Also, it makes the app more accessible for anyone with fine motor control issues.

I stumbled over that too. But the solution is to not click the cursos but the up and down error in the dropdown box with the value. This way you can adjust with up and down on your keyboard. I am not a fan of this approach at all but at least it is better than nothing. I prefer C1’s implementation.

Also something very simple would improve editing speed so much:

  • C for crop tool
  • R for straighten tool
  • W for white balance picker
  • F for face selection box

Come on DxO, make life in PhotoLab a bit more pleasant… all this clicking around drives me mad.


Crop tool has long been available on R for “récadrer”. If someone else has discovered some more of these French shortcuts, please share, as I haven’t found then documented anywhere (it was trial and error which turned up R for crop).

“R” does nothing on my Windows 10 machine in neither PL2 or PL3.

Interesting, Windows users don’t get keyboard shortcuts. Oh well, Windows users do have GPU acceleration and we Mac users don’t.

This is what is there (or at least documented).

Notice the heavy reliance on the CTRL modifier key, which makes it hard to use the keyboard shortcuts while using the mouse (which other people mentioned as a reason why they don’t see value in having more keyboard shortcuts).

In my view, a modifier key should only be used when there is a risk of accidently changing important settings (e.g. +/- exposure, reset settings). But single keys are great to hop around the interface very quickly to activate/deactivate tools (note: this doesn’t change any setting e.g. crop/straighten values if hit by accident).

Thanks for this Floris. Most of those don’t work in Mac (even after substituting command for control). Notice that the R without a command or control key is not present in this list. There are very useful keyboard shortcuts which remain undocumented.

I’ll try to grab some more:

Undocumented Main Tools

  • R - crop (récadrer)
  • W - white balance picker (that’s a new one)
  • Y - red eye (yeux: eyes)
  • D - show the image without corrections (deactiver)
  • X - unknown
  • N - repair image (nettoyer - clean)
  • M - hand tool (main - hand) very useful to disable white balance as second press does not disable tools, always one has to be turned on

Documented in Menus

Display Tools

  • C - split preview (very useful)
  • I - gives information on tool in use in top right corner of image
  • G - grid

Palette Navigation

  • F - quick navigation to FilmPack
  • H - quick navigation to Histogram
  • L - quick navigation to Essential tools
  • K - quick navigation to Light group
  • V - quick navigation to Viewpoint
  • T - move/zoom (not sure how this works)

Library Tools

  • 1,2,3,4,5 to rate images

I don’t know which if any of these will work in Windows.


Specific fot Mac OS.

Thanks for clarifying.

What could be the rationale for offering keyboard shortcuts on one platform and withholding them on another? Or just a lack of focus?

This is a great example of were I find DxO PhotoLab seriously lacking in the usability/UX department and also why I am not too happy about PL3… there has been zero progress since PL1 in this field.

This is something that could be easily fixed in a .1 update.

In fact these keyboard shortcuts are very old. They hang out for a long time.
They are replaced par others in same list as you posted but version for MacOS.

Hello guys,

Thank you for the feedback, it will be taken into account but I still see zero for a number of votes.

Svetlana G.

He has my vote for it.

I just realized I could vote for my own proposal (apply cursor clicks to whatever control is active) - so there’s at least one vote.
Assuming PL is written in one of the OO languages, it should be a matter of adding ‘on cursor up’, on cursor down’ etc to the on-screen control click handlers. Depending on your framework, this could range from trivial to hard. The major issue would be the associated QA hit.


Bob - - This feature already exists for Global Adjustments - - but, it’s missing for the LA sliders.

I agree; it would be a great help to have this behaviour for LA sliders too. Seven votes were collected for this request when it was raised back in Jan '18 … Please add yours to it.


I now see that, yes, the global sliders accept cursor input. I tried doing this with the local adjustments; they didn’t work, just cursorily tried the global settings (see what I did there?) and they didn’t seem to work. I now realize that they do, so long as you click on the slider, not the up/down carats.
I voted for that request just now.