What are the most important improvements for v5?

Fix all the items already in the backlog. Some have been outstanding since v3, maybe earlier.


Which first :yum:?

HSL wheel available in Local Adjustments a definite first place for me!


Performance is always number 1 on my list. It’s way better in 4 than it was in 3 but could stand to be even better.

Any fixes should be done in point releases, ideally 4.x. As for features for 5.0, I’d like to see those first two points as well, plus:

  • Combine horizon and crop tools into one, allowing for rotation by direct dragging.
  • More flexibility in arranging the interface. I’d like to be able to freeze a section of a sidebar, have auto-collapsing panels (one-at-a-time mode), and set a sidebar to auto-hide.
  • Improved flexibility of Local Adjustments, ideally with an interface change. I.e. move the sliders into a dedicated pane rather than floating tiny UI over the photo.
  • More powerful masks for Local Adjustments — let me use a graduated filter that only affects the sky, for instance, rather than having to use control points for a large area.
  • Improve keywords (in addition to writing them to sidecars/files) with a keyword manager and smarter display of applied keywords.

That’s just off the top of my head.


I’d like to see a green/magenta axis slider for RGB white balance correction and I’d also like to be able to use the WB sliders in LA on RGB images. I know that WB adjustments on RGB files is not as effective as on RAW files, but right now I am scanning old film negatives and the color corrections available on my cheap scanner are very course and often need correction in PL.


Here’s my list (FWIW !) … with references to more detail and voting numbers:

  1. Ability to fine-tune Local Adjustment sliders using arrow-keys (as we can for all global sliders).
  1. Ability to adjust the degree of sharpening in the Export to Disk processAlso see here.

  2. Context sensitive action for the Move/Zoom tool - such that it auto-collapses when not in fit-to-screen mode.

  3. Differentiation between Color-Picker widgets for WB versus HSL

  4. Ability to see , at a glance, whether a Local Adjustment applies to the current image

  5. Facilitate comparison between different Smart-Lighting options/modes

  6. Ability to make RGB colour adjustments to Local-adjustment Graduated Filter

John M


I have a lot more things but i tried to be not greedy.:blush:
Which would be needed absolutly in v5?


I just made a mockup of what a possible Local Adjustments palette might look like if it encompassed everything we have on the equaliser at the moment plus the HSL tool…

I would be one of the strongest proponents of moving away from the current equaliser to such a palette but, seeing it in “reality” does cause me to wonder if it might be confusing if all the other palettes were to be visible at the same time (as in this screenshot)

What I wouldn’t want to lose is the present ability to be able to make global adjustments at the same time as local ones. But that would mean having apparent duplicates of global tools in the local palette.

Seeing it in the flesh, what does anyone else think?


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A floating popup would tackle this.
Move around and stil be able to use global adjustments.


Yes, that was one way I thought of but wondered if it would “get in the way” on a limited size screen?

I guess there’s going to have to be a compromise somewhere :blush:

I would say, we need those things in 4. Deep Prime shows that big improvements are for new versions. Nearly all these points a necessary and appear more or less “small” to me…


Thanks @sgospodarenko.

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My Wishlist:

  1. (auto)levels tool
  2. constrain to image option for cropping tool
  3. combine horizon and cropping tool
  4. auto white balance option (neutral and normal)
  5. sidebar presets section adjustable in size
  6. Color temperature adjustments by arrow keys in with scaling, 25K steps below 300K, 50 till 4500K, 100 till 7500, 500 thereafter.
  7. (not really PhotoLab’s but a better creative vignetting tool. It’s now just a dirty black overlay.

And way before PL5… Sigma fp support!!! please?

True, i hope most of my requestlist is done in v4.x.
We don’t know the roadmap so that’s reserved for the dxo staff.
Some backlog items are overrun by new requests or circumstances.

I find it interesting to know what people absolute want to have in v5 and if posible in v4.x.
See if there are comparison’s and feature’s who are in everyone’s mind.

I support this and want to add the possibility to enter specific values. I know exactly which values I want to have for example as micro contrast, fine contrast, shadows and so on. It’s difficult and unnecessary work to do that with the mouse pointer.


I think many of my wants have been mentioned already…

  1. keywords in xml files
  2. combining crop and horizon tool so we can eyeball a horizon… as well as keeping the facility to draw the line across.

I would add…
3. improving the filter functionality is really high priority for me. Specifically at the moment I’d like to filter so I only have the virtual copies. I can’t see a way of doing that other than assigning them a certain star value or picking them. Is there a better way that I am missing?

  1. the ability to tag colours onto images - this adds so much flexibility for sorting images.

  2. At the moment I am exporting to Affinity Photo to softproof and then print. It would be nice to be able to softproof in Photolab, but I suspect this is a big ask and I may be in the minority.

@zkarj there is a graduated filter in local adjustments - does that not work for you? That is what I use rather than control points.
Edit: I have just clicked your link @zkarj and I understand now - you wish to change the colour of the sky.

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Owh and virtualcopy _ my text.rw2 function.
I would like to name in a suffix my VC’s if i have more then one. Or label with text.
Small but usefull addon.

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Peter. See my post here where I show it is possible to show a different name, at least for the master. AS I say elsewhere in that discussion, surely this could be leveraged to allow renaming of VCs?