Request: Differentiation between Color-Picker widgets for WB versus HSL

I’ve been making WB & HSL corrections (on images of autumn colours, captured on a dull, grey day), using the Color Picker tool that’s available with both tools.

The problem, tho, is that both Color Pickers are identical in appearance - and it’s therefore too easy to forget which one is currently active … with quite confusing results.

image … HSL Color Picker (or, is it the WB picker ?!)
image … WB Color Picker (or, is it the HSL picker ?!)

Solution: Add differentiating text, as follows: “HSL Radius” … & … “WB Radius”
– This is how the Mac version handles this.

John M

Capture d’écran 2020-11-02 à 13.15.57

Capture d’écran 2020-11-02 à 13.16.21

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That’s another good point, as highlighted here by Joanna - - The Mac version’s HSL colour picker also identifies the current colour channel (canal) … Nice !

John M

We have the same in the small dot by the circle of the colorpicker by windows.

Ah, yes - - That’s correct, Peter !