Suggestion for UI improvement: Context-sensitive action for the Move/Zoom tool

It would be handy if the Move/Zoom panel would automatically collapse when the zoom-state is “Fit on screen” … thereby maximising vertical Palette real-estate in this state.

That is; the Move/Zoom panel has a useful purpose ONLY when the image is “zoomed in” - in which case it is useful to have access to this tool. Otherwise, tho, it is simply taking up useful space in the Palette.

Useful: image … Pointless: image

John M

Another suggestion to make the Move/Zoom tool a little more useful …

It would be handy to be able to double-click inside the Move/Zoom to switch back to “Fit on Screen” … to save having to move the cursor back to the top of the screen.


I simply double-click on the main image window to toggle between 1:1 and Fit on Screen

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Thanks Joanna - another really useful tip highlighting something I wasn’t aware of. I’m sure I’ll use this a lot from now on.

Nifty, Joanna - I didn’t know about that one either :+1: