Request: I would like to know, at a glance, whether a Local Adjustment applies to the current image

When reviewing a previously corrected/edited image, it’s usually not possible to know whether or not a Local Adjustment was applied to the image - unless one enters Local Adjustment mode to check (which can be an unnecessarily slow process),

Can we please have some indication (of whether a Local Adjustment was applied to the image) without having to invoke Local Adjustment mode to find out. For example;

  • There could be an indicative icon on the image thumbnail in the Image Browser (as for Prime NR)
  • There could be a check/tick on the “Local Adjustments” button, on the taskbar.

Regards, John M

I have no votes left but it’s a good idea :bulb:


Yes, good idea (but no votes left).

At first a good idea!
my votes are worn out so i liked.
i my mind the image thumbnail is the place to be, so you can use a “filter” function to select all images with a “local adjustment” in a folder or list.
Must be careful not to over place the quadrant with icons to avoid confusing.
(you need the local%20icon in the thumbnail to keep it intuitive.)


I agree with that.

I also support this - no more votes left.

What I really would like to have is the concept of “Smart Objects” like in PS

Good point

Ditto! :+1:

I like this idea too

Great idea.