Request: Ability to make RGB colour adjustments to Local-adjustment Graduated Filter

The Graduated Filter (one of PL’s Local-adjustment tools) is really helpful - BUT, I still find it necessary to go thru the time-consuming process of exporting images out-and-back via Nik Color Efex Pro just to add a bit of colour to a sky (or similar).

It would be great if it were possible to apply a defined colour to the Graduated Filter eg. Where I want to add a bit of blue to a boring, washed-out sky - - especially as PL then provides excellent capability for refinement of where the Grad.Filter is, and is not, applied on the image.

Note: This is currently not fully satisfied via any of the Temp, Tint or Hue sliders - as they do not provide for addition of any colour that’s not already present (in the area sampled by the tool).

Hi John. I reckon Temperature and Tint are not convenient to change drastically color, but Hue and Saturation should be more convenient, as they should allow to change color within a large range, unless the selected area is originally very gray. Is that such last case that you have in mind ? Thanks.

Yes, Benoit - that’s exactly the case I have in mind. I have tried using Hue, Saturation and/or Vibrancy to add a bit of blue to “washed-out” skies - but with only limited success.

This is easy to achieve in Color Efex Pro … bit it’s a pain to have to go thru Export-to-Application process - especially when the means to achieve this via PL’s Graduated Filter feels so close.

Thank you for your interest.


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OK, that’s clear, thanks a lot for this feedback.

This would be a very helpful addition for DXO to implement.

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Hi Damian - - Do you have any spare votes with which to support this request ?



I frequently look to make this exact modification and I find it unfortunate that I have to export to Photoshop to do such a simple task which is present in nearly every other photo editing program on the market.