Logarithmic sliders

The sliders in Photolab are quite touchy to operate. Especially in the local adjustments Equalizer, where you cannot use right click for small, incremental adjustments, it makes operating the sliders difficult.
So I would like to have logarithmic (progressive function) sliders, which would make perfectly sense.

Once you have clicked on a slider, you can then use the up/down arrow keys to move by one tick at a time.

That adds another step / costs time.

Precision usually takes more time, even if it means move the mouse more precisely.

Yes, this is the point: Right now you have to be quite careful using the sliders, a logarithmic slider would cuase smaller gains around the center and relatively greater adjustments per “slider movement” in the min / max areas.


I don’t know if this tip is now available on MacOS.
- Drag the effect sliders to edit the area (illustration 2 - Click on to enlarge it)
- Low-velocity by first dragging the mouse horizontally - Windows only




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Thanks, will try that:+1:
Excellent job on the tutorials, btw, highly appreciated!

Unfortunately, no. This doesn’t work on a Mac.

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That works really well for global sliders, Joanna - but not for Local Adjustment sliders … unless that’s different for the Mac version (?)

See here …

John M

It is different for Mac. On the global sliders, you have to click in the number entry box, then you can use the up/down arrow keys. On the local sliders, you click on the slider instead of the number, but then it’s the same for the arrow keys.

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Thanks for the tip! Didn’t know about that one.:astonished:


I share the view. Really painful on Windows. Luminosity and WB balance are most critical for me

Exactly. Almost impossible to adjust them precisely.

Hi Joanna,

To clarify: Are you saying, for the Mac version of PL, that one can adjust the slider settings for Local Adjustments via the up/down, left/right arrow keys ??


Via the up/down keys, yes. Using the left/right keys changes the selected thumbnail.

A big part of the issue for me is that the Equaliser sliders for temperature and tint don’t work the same way as the ones in the side bar. The functionality that you describe in the side bar is great - precise and commonsensical - but not so in the equalizer where it is impossible to make a subtle changes and the conventions that work in the side bar do not work in the equalizer.

Ah, so you can make fine adjustments to Local Temperature via the up/down arrows on a Mac?! It doesn’t work on my Win10 machine!!! :sob:

Hi Andrew - - No, apparently that’s a Mac-specific capability.

May I suggest supporters of this request (re)direct their votes to here - - so that we get maximum concentration of votes/support for this issue.

John M

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