Scales for local ajustments taller

Hi, could you make the scales for local ajustment taller ? I found it not convenient to fine tune

After clicking on an adjustment scale keep the mouse button depressed and move the mouse to the right of that scale and then move it up and down as you would if it was directly over the scale. The farther to the right of the scale you move the mouse the finer the adjustment will be.



Adding to Mark’s suggestion - You can also;

  • Right-click on either side of the adjustment slider and it will move 5-steps towards your cursor.

  • Left-click on the adjustment slider and then use the left/right (or up/down) arrow keys to bump the setting in increments of 1.

John M

Hi Guys,
@John, i don’t have same behaviour as you at all with left and right click. I am on Win, can it explain ?
@ Mark, i found a real challenge to achieve a precise value unless you add the value one by one which can be quite time consuming if you have many layers.
Maybe i am doing something wrong, cos i found it quite a pain in the back when i have many layers.
Moreover a larger scale would make the use of the stylet much easier.

I find Mark’s suggested way is the easiest option.

By layers I assume you mean multiple local adjustments. Not sure what issues you are having. Instead of making your adjustments with your mouse pointer directly over a scale, as I said, keep the mouse pointer selected, move your mouse to the right of the scale, and move the mouse up and down as normal. The farther the mouse is from the scale, the more precise the adjustment. I can’t be any clearer than that.


I just tried this and it really doesn’t make any difference on my Mac. Any particular adjustment?

I’m a Windows only user and have no idea why it doesn’t work the same way on a Mac. It is not really straight forward and obvious, and it took me quite a while to fully understand how to use this technique effectively.


Hi Guys
I don’t know if it is my hardware configuration, but for me it is a nightmare to get precise values on the scales. For instance, i want to change temperature color from 5100 to 5600. It takes me a while to get to 5600, for something that should take a second.
Moreover the scale for luminosity is not convenient. It goes from 0 to 4. Should be a non linear scale. Who is using more than 1 or 2? Most of my adjustements are below 1, and even less than 0.5, and there also it is very long to obtain precise value.
I wish it could be more ergonomics.
Best regards

In addition to the explanations given above:
To change white balance to a given value (5600 for example), simply select (highlight) with the mouse the current value displayed, delete it (delete key - the background turns red) and type the desired value directly then validate. it takes 2 seconds.
And for exposure compensation, you can do the same thing in addition to the possibility of adjustments with the slider.
Reminder: Click on the cursor, and modify the values in steps of 0.10 with the mouse wheel, click on the arrows to the right of the value and refine in steps of 0.05, moving the mouse away vertically, you can easily access at a setting in steps of 0.01. Double clicking on the cursor brings it back to its default value.
With such a wide range of possibilities, I can hardly see how it is not ergonomic!

Oops … I just saw that it concerned local adjustments. My answer is therefore unsuitable, but I leave it, it can always interest other users … for settings other than local adjustments

Hi Gerarto, i’m afraid your are not talking about local ajustments ? i can’t select the value of the white balance in local ajustments…

Yes, sorry … see my addition!

Oops - I also missed that Man was referring to Local Adjustments.

See here - - and Vote, please (Best to have all votes in one place - - to get the request noticed)

John M