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Hello all!

First time here so a short summing up: I started PP in the '90s using PS on big Macs, first and foremost, and then became an iMac owner, and after a while with iPhoto totally loved Aperture. Still have it but soon it will not work, so the latest added features in PhotoLab 3 was god-sent! Not the smoothest, but they work!

I have LR (6), but never really meshed with it.

So what would I want? A smoother working sharpening/blurring tool (like Aperture’s), and smoother integration with other programs like Neat, Affinity, et cetera.

Thanks again for PL 3, I have been using DxO software since Optics Pro 7, or even earlier, thanks to a free distribustion via a French magazine! Amazing trip it has been.


I have been trying to get a problem, case 182997, dealing with the photoshop plug is resolved and absolutely no one is responding. It is doubtful that I would venture moving my work flow to DxO for my entire work.

That’s really disappointing. Such a wonderful software with such a poor split toning tool.

Hi everyone,

Yes, I guess that we could further improve PL on this side adding/improving this feature. Split toning offers so many “creative directions/moods” for a given image, and we should definitely push it further!

Thanks for your feedback André.

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I fully agree with what several other people have already said, in particular removing the DAM functionality from the program. It makes Photolab slower and many people don’t need it. I like Joanna’s suggestion of having a separate DAM module for those people that do want to have this functionality.

Hi Steven - - 'tis excellent to hear from you.

You have a critical role as the lead user experience designer at DxO Labs - and I’d encourage you to concentrate on bringing consistency to all tools/interfaces within PL.

Just as one example - a personal hobbyhorse; Request: Fine tuning local-adjustment sliders (Consistency issue)

Regards, John M


I would agree with @Pat91 - please concentrate on image processing.
Also, if in a mean time you could fix interface glitches like disappearing scrolling bars and controls - much appreciated (also please get back navigational controls in photo strip).


Hello and welcome @StevenL
Yes, image processing first :+1:t3:
Also, the ability to open all kind of RAWs even from cameras which are not (yet) supported -in order to get more customers and also help us be patient when new cameras come out- :slight_smile:

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Hi Marc,

Thanks for passing by!
Yes, actually we are thinking about something that could “alleviate” our users’ wait for new cameras corrections. We have few ideas, and if you’d like to share your thoughts with us, feel free to get in touch with me.


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Hi Steven,

Why is chosen to not open DNG’s with dxoPL made by dxoPL export to disk it self?
And because DNG’s are linear raw’s i think the demosiacing is already done so PRIME wouldn’t work. They are a kind of16bit tiff with a WB option (wb is floating) that’s why the dng’s WB can shifting when open in an other raw application.

So if DxO is managing to open all kinds of DNG’s created by a DNG creator and dxo PL can make the optical module to pickup the lens then the request of @m-photo is granted and the gentle push to update is still lifely due non possible use of PRIME and other pre-demosiacing tools (CA?)



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I do not understand why you need a DAM when you can use the folder strucutre on your hard drive. Or if you think you need something else, follow the Picasa model of allowing users to choose which folders show up inside the program. Picasa allows allows the user to create albums which might be useful for some users.
Personally, I do not need or care about a DAM. I use the folder structure on my hard drive or external drive. Very simple.

I suspect a lot of users would like layers. I rarely use them, but it seems others do.

Please don’t do that !
Users can use others software.
The goal of DxO is provide other means.


Fine by me. I don’t use them, but others seem to think it is important. I figure GIMP is there is I need them on an extremely rare occasion.

Would it be possible to open a (almost unknow) raw file but without any optimisation ?
And auto create a virtual copy when it will be available.

Sorry to sound critical, but after taking the survey, I think you need better questions and better choices for answers. I did not have much useful to offer in the current version of the survey. Just my take…

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Ditto. PLEASE do not make us import our files. It’s probably the main reason I decided not to use Lightroom and adopt DXO.


When Luminar added a DAM in version 3, I decided I preferred Lum 2018. I hated the DAM feature.
They could have just made it possible to use the file structure on the user’s computer–that is much easier.

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How about: batch renaming, a light table mode allowing users to reorder images by drag and drop, viewing multiple images side by side by using CTRL click. I’m comparing images all the time, this would greatly improve workflow.


I waiting batch renaming until 10 years :sleepy:

For the moment PL want to optimise photo in real time. This is not compatible with culling or comparison.
In a another way, this is the job for viewer software.