About Nik 4 - SilverEfex 3 & Viveza 3

No problem to install Silver Efex Pro 3 & Viveza 3 (german version) for PL 4.3

While they don’t work with old PS and LR 5.7 (in LR < Edit IN > they pop up briefly and disappear), fortunately it was possible to re-add the ‘old’ Nik 3 collection – Issues with Nik4 - #8 by Wolfgang

As there are a lot of users (see the sheer amount of complaints), who can’t make use of Nik4 (e.g. because of compatibility problems), DxO should rethink their installation procedure and/or support those customers with download possibility for Nik3.3.

Using an Eizo CG2730 (2560 x 1440 / 125 % scaling in Win 10), in Silver Efex Pro 3 and Viveza 3
the labeling is really small plus comes with (some) low contrast.

to compare the ‘columns’

in PL 4.3 they are wider and much better to read / handle

I suppose, the intent was to offer maximum overview, but with lacking readabilty it simply falls short.

The more Controlpoints and Local Options (sliders) are introduced, the more important a quick orientation will be. – I don’t mind further ‘Solo Mode options’ for a better overview
(below the Controlpoints → Color Selection / Simple Corrections / Selective Tones) or else.

Also, why to ‘waste’ so much vertical space with

instead of having the < Apply button > ‘compressed’ to one row, without this disturbing orange
design stripe – Problem in the new interface of Silver Efex - #3 by Wolfgang.
And also no need to ‘repeat’ xyz-file from PL4 / …
Screen Shot 06-13-21 at 12.17 PM
the user knows that.

I really like the addition of Color Selection (both programs), which might save some negative Controlpoints. Viveza’s new White Balance / Picker is also helpful.

But, why missing the opportunity to add Negative Controlpoints and Opacitiy Slider (both programs) as well History (Viveza 3) with this relaunch?

The Zone System is an outstanding feature of Silver Efex Pro 3 and should be permanently visible, when in use – Nik 4 - Silver Efex - Improve Zone System


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Good remarks.

The orange line at the bottom is unnecessary and above all annoying.

The interface is not very readable with a 2560x1440 screen.

to add …

When applying a new ‘recipe’ in Silver Efex Pro 3 and Viveza 3, the controlpoints get deleted,
while in the ‘old’ versions they didn’t.

Screen Shot 06-14-21 at 09.28 AM

There could/should be an option to keep the controlpoints – similar to ColorEfexPro 4

  • adding a single filter keeps the so far made corrections, including the set control points
    (CEP4 overwrites them only when adding a bunch of filters)
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Yes, I agree that this is an issue that should be addressed, Wolfgang.

In the meanwhile, I can think of a work-around (tho, not a quick&easy one), should this be causing you a major problem … Just ask if you’d like me to elaborate.

John M

Hi @John-M,

well, THE major problem is, that Nik 4 isn’t compatible anymore like Nik 3
– see the sheer amount of complaints …

Apart from bad reputation, DxO is going to loose long-standing customers (as upgraders), who are not willing to also renew their host programs (e.g. being forced to subscription model) just for the sake of running a (somewhat) modernised Nik 4 version.

As described in Issues with Nik4 - #8 by Wolfgang, I’m glad I could revive Nik 3 – and still wonder, why DxO doesn’t allow (offer) peaceful coexistence of Nik 3 and 4, providing us with an appropriate installer option. – The installation for Affinity photo works, while the process is close to ‘tear the hair out’ (as long there is).

For me, I use Nik 3 as plugins for old PS (local and general adjustments with layers, smart filters),
while Nik 4 only works in association with PL 4.3 …



For photo editing I use Photolab Elite version with Viewpoint and Filmpack, Affinity Photo and the (free Google) NIK collection software of Color Efex en Silver Efex.

I like the features of Color Efex and Silver Efex, but I miss the possibilities of non-destructive editing when using the NIK collection as filter in Affinity Photo. I understand that this is possible with Photoshop using smart objects and smart filters, but not in Affinity Photo.

When DXO added some kind of a non-destructive feature in the NIK collection 3, I considered to buy this version. But as I understand this feature does not apply when editing in more than one NIK software application. Only the last edit is saved in a TIFF file.

So I decided to wait for buying this version of the NIK collection and was hoping that the next version of NIK or Affinity Photo is able to provide better non-destructive editing in collaboration with Affinity Photo.

Now NIK collection 4 is released and added a very useful feature for controlling the control points by luminance and chrominance. I really like this feature, but it’s only available/implemented in Viveza and Silver Efex, not in Color Efex.

And now it seems that the latest version of NIK contains a lot of bugs, so users downgrade to version 3. Only possible if you have that installer, because a new version deletes the previous one :unamused:

So will I buy version 4 of NIK? I don’t think so, because it adds only partially what I want and I don’t like to use software that is instable and incomplete.

Do I know when I will upgrade/buy? No, because there’s no roadmap.



SilverEffects pro3 not working w WACOM AND not saving to the current layer when pressing save in plug in and no option to change the save to settings.
My Wacom stylist no longer functions in silver effects pro 3 and now the mouse is starting to get spotty.
not getting the same preference settings in photoshop compared to silver EP3 standalone.
What Givewsssssssss


in case of WACOM tablet & WINDOWS you might look here Wacom Intuos Pro Tablet not supported - #5 by Wolfgang

my old PS, I couldn’t get to work anymore with the ‘new’ Nik 4 – like I did with Nik 3.3
( no experience with newer versions from Adobe )

Hi Wolfgang,

Like you, I am totally over the retrograde Nik4. There are so many issues with SilverEfex to list. I simply cannot understand why they took perfectly acceptable code and turned it into mush. SEP3’s minor annoyances are nothing to the drop in productivity with SEP4 - it is junk.

Sadly for me I had previously deleted my NikCollection3 DMG file for my mac but I wonder - do you have a copy maybe?

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please ask DxO for a download link :slight_smile:
and I’m on Windows anyway

I have used Nik satisfactorily with PS for many years, updating as I went along. One day I was working normally and got a popup suggesting I “update”. This had happened uneventfully many times before. Unfortunately, “Update” meant introducing Nik 4, and that introduced hours of problems. The service center was very helpful, but I’m not a computer guy-I’m a photographer, and I was being asked to do things that were beyond my job title. I finally ended up getting 3 operational, and getting rid of all the traces of 4 I could find. As Wolfgang suggested, I am now going to be VERY wary about anything new from DxO. I suppose you could say I’m a lost customer.

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