Make the Banner Cancel/Apply on V3 and SEP3 smaller!

Why the Banner Cancel/Apply is so big ? With a useless message “You’re modifying BLA_BLA_0032.tif from AnySoftware”, of course I am, that’s what I’m doing ! The name of the file is already on the status line, so is double information.

When Viveza 3 and Silver Efex 3 is running in Stand Alone mode there is no banner in the bottom, just the status line with Save Preset on right. When then are running as plugin there is a big banner on the bottom, under the status line, with the options “Cancel” and “Apply”.

For those that always run as a plugin, please call them stand alone and take a look and compare to see the waste of screen edit space, or preview space when running as a plugin.

Cancel and Apply could be beside “Save Preset” or move Save Preset to another location, like on the top, besides the Zoom options. This will give us more room for the preview.

my complaints → About Nik 4 - SilverEfex 3 & Viveza 3

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