Black and White image created with PL4 and Silver Efex Pro 3

Nik Collaction 4 is great but How about making it work with adobe cs6 please

I’m guessing that is not going to happen. It is unfortunate for the many people who have clung to the last non subscription version of Photoshop. I suspect that DXO is not going to modify the Nik Collection to support software that was released in 2012 with the Creative Suite subscription model replacing it only a year later. .


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I understand I hope that would change one day but I do have Nik Collection 3 and its great

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maybe you know this
deeply buried in Nik Collection by DxO – Customer Support

I did this
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Concerning Nik’s long history and DxO even promoting it’s 25th anniversary, I simply don’t understand, why dropping the crowd, that has supported Nik ever since (and some of them since NIK Filter).

“Giving up compatibility to reduce the user base – simply brilliant” [sarcasm off].


@Wolfgang I totally agree with you Nik software should be accessible to everyone