Importing Older .np Presets Silver Efex Pro 3 versus Silver Efex Pro 2

Perhaps somewhere else in the forum, there is this topic, yet I didn’t see one.
I am not getting it. I’ve only been able to import a handful of my previous presets. All my other .np preset files imported fine in Color Efex Pro 4 and Analog Efex Pro 2. Those handfuls, I had to save presets to a custom preset to load the next time I opened the plugin. What gives?

I did get a new desktop computer, and I upgraded it to Windows 11. I am not sure if those presets worked on my previous build as I had not been doing much processing in the last year.

With that said, perhaps there is a workaround, or perhaps not.

If you can’t import them successfully, try to copy them to the equivalent destination (haven’t done yet).

I’ve done this also to no avail, Wolfgang.
I had some thoughts last night if I could only see what had been in the C:\Users\AppData\Local\DxO on my previous computer? I still have the computer, yet I have uninstalled almost every software program except the operating system. Yet, I remembered that perhaps my online backup at Carbonite might give me some clue. Even though my new computer is being backed up, those files from my old computer remain for 30 days. I noticed in the DXO folder was a folder Silver Efex Pro 2. Inside this folder were Favorites and Imported/Presets. All the presets were there. So I recovered that folder and placed a copy back into the DXO folder. I opened Silver Efex Pro 2 and imported presets from that folder. All the imported presets are now there and saved. Solved! I have some ideas about this yet will not ramble on further. I will keep in mind if my fix were to help anyone else with perhaps the same issue. Especially when upgrading a version of Nik.

Wondering if there was a point in time throughout all the versions of the Nik Collection where the .NP file presets were converted to .JSON files?

I had some ‘hopping around’ with the Nik Collection
About Nik 4 - SilverEfex 3 & Viveza 3 and …
so I don’t know anymore, when things changed on my machine. :frowning:

Well, I took Nik Collection back to version 3, then I imported my presets, and they are now JSON files instead of NP file. Except for 9 of the presets. That’s okay as I took each preset saving as a custom in Nik 4. Those are now .JSON. All is okay, and I am going to stop with my tinkering.