PLv7: Redesign of PL's Local Adjustments user-interface ... A constructive perspective

There will always be some push-back when a major change is made to the user-interface for any feature that we’ve spent a lot of time learning and using … especially when the change is as “dramatic” as it is for PLv7’s new Local Adjustments UI.

On the downside, we’ve lost the simplicity and transparency that the old LA-gizmo provided … it was very quick-and-easy to see what settings had been applied to any Local Adjustment;

  • image … Pretty hard to beat this for transparency

On the other hand, the old LA-gizmo was no longer fit-for-purpose;

  • It often got in the way when attempting to apply Local Adjustments

  • The process of making fine-adjustments to slider settings was fiddly and inaccurate

  • And, especially and most importantly, it was hindering DxO’s ability to add new features to Local Adjustments – As the obvious example of this; how could the HSL color-wheel have been added to the old LA-gizmo ?!

So, we now have what we have … and I’m confident that DxO will be working to improve the UI to make it a more comfortable and intuitive user-experience … 'cos I don’t believe it’s quite there yet !

Plenty of suggestions were proposed during the EA testing process - and following is a round-up of the best of them (tho, admittedly, “best” is in my opinion !)

  • I’m sure others can add more … but, I do suggest we keep them simple and doable for a start - so that there’s some reasonable likelihood that DxO will take them seriously.

  • Suggestions have been posted as feature Requests … If you agree, please add your vote.


Please consider voting for the following - to help to make PLv7 a lot more comfortable and efficient to work with …

In my opinion, the first one is critical … Otherwise, PLv7’s LA UI is much more difficult to use, compared with PLv6’s

PLv7 Request/Suggestion: Restore real-time feedback when placing a Local Adjustment’s U-Point (as it was with PLv6)

PLv7 Request/Suggestion: Better layout of the LA tab - to keep list of Local Adjustments fixed permanently at the top

PLv7 Request/Suggestion: Make it easier to identify changes applied to Local Adjustment sliders

PLv7 Request/Suggestion: Clarity for when PLv7 is in (or not in) Local Adjustment mode


Just the fact that we now have a local Color Wheel is really great but I also think a fixed banner with the LA-options at the top would be a huge improvement and I´m surprised it´s not there already because it ought to have been very obvious even för DXO developers that this design would cause a lot of unnecessary scrolling.

I also think that the local Color Wheel ought to be implemented as a layer type of its own. Så when Local Adjustment Color Wheel is open a new layer would be created automatically.

It would assist me greatly if the local colour wheel had a picker. Say I use a brush to define a local adjustment area. I then want to pick a colour from within that area to make wheel adjustments. My experience is that it is not currently possible without guessing/eyeballing the colour range.

I’ve seen elsewhere the suggestion that if you use the global picker then swap to LA, the local wheel should also be set to that colour but it doesn’t seem to be reliable. If I click on some ‘blue’ sky, the global wheel correctly gives a cyan range but when I swap to local, it is giving a blue range instead.


Hmm, you’d still have to draw a mask…or you’d get global scope of HSL for that layer…

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I mean it is just like with all other layers almost. First you create a local layer and then you populate it with for example a color picker. In Capture One though it works inverted. There you can make acolor pick and then turn it into a layer.

In fact there is a possibility even now to create a global all covering “mask” even locally. It is just to select the white ball instead of picking a color.

Thansk for the effort, John! Well done!


Has there been any response anywhere from DxO about the local adjustment shortcomings?

Some hundreds of photos edited with PL7 so far and though I’m used to the ‘quirks’ of the updated tools, it is still considerably slower to use than the previous arrangement. For example, the mask engaging while you try to place or move control points and lines is infuriating.

Has any of this been reported directly as bugs? As much time has passed, it seems to me that DxO have walked away from the mess they’ve imposed upon us.

I am still using 6 even though I have 7 as the local editing is such a mess.

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Yes, before it was easy to see the (B&W) mask changes in real time – but now one has to stop & release the mouse button to see the result. And the same ‘disability’ when trying to adjust chrominance and luminance.

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I am with you on this and will not be upgrading until it is sorted out!

Its concerning they appeared to ignore it during BETA so it well be one of the many botched changes that never realy get fixed

Isn’t it strange that DXO missed so much of the problems during the Beta testing that the users here on the Forums saw immdiately the first week after version 7 was released?

What makes you think that any of it was missed during testing? It wasn’t.



Hi David, I’d be relaxed and am sure they’re monitoring this forum carefully. They will realise that the desire to upgrade is less than it used to be. The price problem and the compulsion to upgrade FP also comes on top of this. There will be a solution at some point. But even if there is: I don’t really need the new features. And I don’t know anyone who has asked for them by the way. In the meantime, I’m happy with 6.11.
(Note: I’m a loyal customer since 2009 DXO OP6 and never skipped an update!)

Meanwhile my (Eilte7 and obligatory FP7) upgrade price is reduced by Black Friday from €248,- to €178,-, still way too expensive, was (about) 69,- usually. But again, would’nt buy in this constitution.

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I did ask for a few things! I wanted a consistent interface that handles local adjustments like we always have been able to do with the global side. I want a to be able to turn a color pick into a layer and I want a Color Wheel that works like it does globally.

… and I would appreciate a masking- and layer-system llke the one in Capture One.

… and I want to get rid of all these bugs we have got in version 7 and nothing have happened since the release so far. They are just keeping us ghosted without the slightest sign of dialog.

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As a developer I have never met such a stance among other developers I have met both in the Nordic countries where I have worked, or in the US where I have been on quite a few developer forums and Tech Meet and met developers from all over the globe. I have never met a developer that have let bugs pass that they have been aware of.

Well, then this company is in a lot more severe trouble than even I thought. Releasing a product, you know have serious bugs, is really a sign of severe disrespect for their users and a good recipe for a lot of bad will and even worse disasters. Professional R&D with some kind of self-respect and quality awareness would not allow a release like version 7. If this really is true you say, I’m speechless.

I didn’t read all the points above, but from what I remember following topics which lead to this one, it seems it is more a loss of features and interface feedbacks than bugs.
This suggest (to keep an optimistic outlook) DxO team have completely rewritten some parts of the software and did not have time to put back missing features.
This could be a good thing for future.


There were some poor design choices made in PL 7 Local adjustments that need to be addressed to make using those adjustments faster, more logical and more user friendly, but what Local Adjustment bugs are you referring to?


… but a local Color Wheel without a color picker ???
That is hard to miss isn´t it??