PLv7 Request/Suggestion: Make it easier to identify changes applied to Local Adjustment sliders

PLv7 deficiency:

In the case where we are revisiting LA masks, to make refinements, etc …

Now that Local Adjustment settings are spread down a vertical list of LA correction tools, (which are not necessarily all visible at once), it’s now much more difficult to identify which LA correction settings have been assigned … especially when changes are small, such that the “blue line” on sliders is not visible.
image - Changes are clear ONLY when the “blue line” is exposed.

  • BUT
    image - Small slider settings are NOT obvious

  • This is an issue particularly for WB Temp & Tint sliders;
    We have no way to easily discern whether these are changed local Temp/Tint values - versus default values assigned from global WB settings

Proposed solution:

When any change is applied to a Local Adjustment correction tool (such that it differs from its initially assigned default value) - then colour the little “LA-symbol” to the left of the correction title in DxO-Blue

image - to clearly indicate that a change has been applied.

This is a no brainer!

Additionally, why not make a a switch to show just the controls with changes? Similar to what we have for global adjustments.


… at least highlighting those LAs, that are not at there default value
(so to get an overview, if collapsed or not)

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One might also include that way overdue request for a solo mode here. :face_exhaling:

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YES – absolutely. As said elsewhere, “Expand all” / “Collapse all” is only half the point.