Bugs in PL7"?

I have encountered the following problems in PL7 and Sonoma:

  1. mask not visible when drawing.
    When working with masks, they are not displayed when drawing, but only after you have finished drawing.

This does not apply to gradient masks.

  1. import of projects does not work.
    When upgrading from PL6 to PL7 under Sonoma, the existing projects should be imported. The attempt fails and PL 7 aborts the process. Even if one restores a manual backup of the project database.

I have observed this so far, but I don’t know if it is due to Sonoma, PL7 or a combination.

Tested on my Mac and the Project came along as expected.
Please note that the project title bar is collapsed → clicking on it might reveal your project(s).

As for masks being visible or not: Search the forum, this has been reported and you might be interested in other’s comments.

it did happen to me, but PL7 got a new update (MAC) and it didn’t happen again, i just tried with all brush and they all work fine.

Yes, this is a significant backward step, compared with PLv6 … You can vote here, to have this fixed.

PLv7 Request/Suggestion: Restore real-time feedback when placing a Local Adjustment’s U-Point (as it was with PLv6)

John M

And, here are some more requests (to vote for) that would help to make PLv7 a lot more comfortable and productive to work with;

PLv7 Request/Suggestion: Better layout of the LA tab - to keep list of Local Adjustments fixed permanently at the top

PLv7 Request/Suggestion: Make it easier to identify changes applied to Local Adjustment sliders

PLv7 Request/Suggestion: Clarity for when PLv7 is in (or not in) Local Adjustment mode

You mean 7 was even less ready for release than normal. The version was a month early and it really shows it wasn’t really fit for release. I have never kept the former version installed and used in place of a new version before but most of my edits are with 6 as the local editing is so unfinished in 7.

I know, but by trying to update the project database the process came along with an error message, wich means, that PL7 cannot update the PL6 database. The error message is unspecific.

I searched the forum, but there was only one topic and it did not fit to my problem with the mask drawing tool. My problem was, that I could not see the mask when I was drawing the mask. I became visible, when I stopped drawing, so I could not seen, what was allready masked or not.

But seems to give a solution by an update… I will try.


There is no way to “update the project database”. Even though the menu says “project database”, it is about the complete PhotoLab DB. Misleading choice of words ← @StevenL

Restoring DPL7’s database should work though, and you don’t even have to back up DPL6’s database to do it. Select the restore option and point it to DPL6’s database. It’s in /Users/youraccountname/Library/DxO PhotoLab v6/

I often restore the DB from earlier versions, specially during testing.

  • Note that you cannot restore the DB of an older DPL from a newer version of DPL.
    Restoring is one way: Restore 7 from 6, restore 6 from 5, but not from 7

DPL 7.0.1 (build 31) seems to fix the invsible mask bug, at least on my Mac.

I have been playing with Luminosity feature and have been getting.

Loading Error
correction failed on the Execute stage