PLv7 Request/Suggestion: Better layout of the LA tab - to keep list of Local Adjustments fixed permanently at the top


The pre-PLv7 Local Adjustments user-interface was quick-and-easy to navigate … all controls/sliders were within comfortable reach - and not a lot of mouse-movement was necessary.

  • That’s no longer the case with PLv7’s new LA-tab layout.

The problem to be solved:

The list of LA correction tools is now long - especially when some are expanded (particularly for those like the HSL tool) … and, over time as more tools are added, this list will only get longer still !

  • It’s now too easy to lose sight of the list of LAs, as it scrolls off the top of the screen (as we scroll down to access “hidden” tools) … I’m referring here to this critical list;
    image - Keep this list in fixed position, at the top of the LA-tab.

Proposed solution:

Make positioning of the list of Local Adjustments, and the various buttons that work with them, fixed at the top of the LA-tab - so that they’re permanently visible and readily accessible at all times.

Would make life much easier!

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Looks like pinning to me. Fixes the location of a (number of) tool panel(s) at the top of the right dock and scrolls everything else below the pinned panel(s).

Automatic pinning for the LA list?
How about small screens on a notebook computer?


This is certainly the long-term solution.

The LA palette can be floated, by going to the Palettes menu and selecting it.

At least, that is what happens on my Mac.

But, unfortunately, the floating palette cannot be resized, and yet I’m sure it used to be resizeable


YES – and it can be done with an option.

Give the user the choice how to work!

I thought of putting the list on the floating palette…

But the main problem is that it really needs to be resizable

YES – give the user the choice how to work!

I’m using a second screen, where (alternatively to DxO’s ‘Advanced’ workspace) most palettes reside … and so one for Local Adjustments. Even there the “layer’s box” cannot be resized at wish.

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…like other tool panels, e.g. Keyword List…