How to add "Local Adjustment" button?

Hello Everyone .
I just downloaded PL7 (and Filmpack 7).

In PL6 I have this button in Customise screen:

Nice and handy.

On PL7 however it doesn’ t show anymore;


How can I add this button again??
Like a sort of shortcut to “taskbar”

Thank you very much!

You can’t. Use the rightmost button on the palette sidebar

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Thank you Joanna…too bad…I really liked that option in PL6 :frowning:
I know about that rightmost button on the palette sidebar. I just hoped it could be added as in PL6

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it used to be nice to have it on top bar, but with it’s own tab now everything is on the same page. i like it better now than fiddling around with the old options. but that’s my personal choice.

L shortcut do this (the same function as the button) with PL6 (it acts as toggle - ON/OFF)
If not removed, should be the same with PL7.

PL6.3.1 PC here.

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Maybe I’ll have to get used to it.

Not sure I understand what you mean JoPoV. On Mac here.

Just testet. Nothing happens. And it’s not in the list of keyboard shortcuts.

Doesn’t L shortcut activate and deactivate local adjustments edition mode on Mac ? (as does the missing button ?).
Even if local adjustment tab is not in scope ? It does on PC.

it’s not the same on PL7 like it was on PL6 or PL5 and previous version, it now have it’s own tab on the right.

the good thing is you can see every adjustment you can use within this tab, which for me makes it nice and more convenient. all your mask and adjustment… all in one place.


you may have a look

PLv7 Request/Suggestion: Better layout of the LA tab - to keep list of Local Adjustments fixed permanently at the top

PLv7: Redesign of PL's Local Adjustments user-interface ... A constructive perspective


Thank you Wolfgang. I realize that I was too fast with my question. There obviously was more attention for this, and I first should have read forums here.
We’ll see if it stays like this (and I just have to adapt my workflow), or it will change.