PLv7 Request/Suggestion: Restore real-time feedback when placing a Local Adjustment's U-Point (as it was with PLv6)

PLv7 no longer provides instant/real-time feedback, via the B&W Mask, when moving a Local Adjustment’s U-Point around different parts of the image … which makes it a tedious, and potentially inadequate, process for fine-tuning selection of the most appropriate U-Point location.

By way of example;

  • In PLv6, create a Control Point - and press “M” to activate the (B&W) mask.

  • Now move the Control Point’s U-Point around the image … and the mask will be updated in real-time … this is a really useful & effective method for fine-tuning U-Point location selection :+1:

Try doing the same in in PLv7 - with both Show-Masks and B&W-Mask options selected;

  • Now, when moving the U-Point around the image, there’s no feedback in the B&W Mask until the mouse-button is released … This delayed response is significantly inferior to PLv6 behaviour :-1:

PLv7’s behaviour constitutes a serious step backwards in effectiveness of the B&W Mask in assisting with placement of LA U-Points … Please, DxO, restore PLv6’s behaviour with priority.

As Robin Whalley (representing DxO in this video) says of Nik Collection 6’s U-Point technology “It’s this interactive control [when placing U-Points] that makes editing so intuitive in the Nik collection” … which emphasises the great disappointment in finding this feature has been dropped from PLv7’s implementation.

  • Optimistically, I’m assuming this is just a temporary state that will be corrected very soon.

Absolutely agree :+1:t2: