PLv7: HSL mask for selected colour range is no longer interactive (as it was for PLv6)

As explained in Help text;

In other words; when the Ctrl-key (or Cmd-key for Mac) is held down whilst using the mouse to click+hold within the HSL tool’s selected color-range, a mask is applied to the image - with all colours outside that range being shown in grey-scale … which shows exactly which colours in the image will be affected.

Additionally, with PLv6 (but no longer with PLv7);

  • Holding down the Ctrl-key (or Cmd-key for Mac) whilst moving any of the colour-range handles results in the mask being applied interactively - reflecting changes made to the colour-range in real-time.

  • This enables very precise finetuning of the colour-range.

However, this interactive behaviour no longer works with PLv7 … It’s now a tedious process of adjusting the colour-range, releasing the mouse (from it’s click+hold on one of the colour-range handles), re-applying click+hold within the selected color-range, evaluating the result … Repeat.

Curious !! … This degradation in PLv7 (c/w PLv6) is similar to the loss of interactive feedback when placing a Local Adjustment’s U-Point … as reported here.


This is a frustrating degradation in performance that I hope is only temporary.

I would also like a simple check box for “show selected colours” rather than having to hold down a modifier key.

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@John-M I did a quick test and the process seams to be the same for PL6 and PL7 on my Mac :thinking:
I only have to stay on the Cmd-Key to see the mask being changed live.

That would be nice too.

[Polemic mode ON]
Some complain about the lack of dropeye in LA.
As far as I’m concerned, this method is far more precise and effective.
It should be available again to PL7 and extended to LA.


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