Sony A1 raws won't open only in crop mode with a macro lens

I’ve had my Sony A1 since 2021 and I’ve been using DxO PhotoLab since even before that. I have never had problems with it opening a ARW file. The mass majority of the time it’s with a Tamron telephoto lens and I switch back and forth between crop mode and full frame often. I also have a few other lenses, including the Sony 90mm macro.

Today I needed to use the Sony 90mm macro lens and I had crop mode enabled, and I noticed that none of my photos can be opened by PhotoLab??? The ones taken in full frame mode do open

I rebooted. I also re-copied the files from my card just in case it was corrupted. The ARW file opens fine in Affinity Photo so I know they are not corrupted.

Are you going to tell me my camera switches file formats if I go between crop mode and full frame mode? I did this all the time with other lenses and it’s never been a problem

EDIT: just checked, it’s using lossless compressed raw large format, I’ve always used this format without issue

Version is V6.14.0 build 343, running on Windows 11

I think this was already reported in the forum… but do post a sample of ARW file that can’t be opened please - somebody might be curious to see if anything can be hacked to help ( or not )

Seems to be a problem caused by the currently newest versions of DPL 6 and 7.

The fix seems to be to revert to an earlier version of DPL. which will also fix an issue with local adjustments.

It sounds the same as when they removed Sony focus distance as they had a problem (its thought not reading the right information). After a lot of comments here DXO finally admitted that was what they had done. We are still wating for distance to be reinstated for the older cameras even though they keep saying they will get focus distnce back

I think the final word is “never upgrade photolab when it works about fine, unless you see a new feature you need”.
Too much problem with upgrades.

When they stoped the Sony distance it was imposed on all versions of PL. My wife had an old version that for a time still read disrace but it must have downloaded diffrent lense moduas and it stoped doing it.

… sounds like DxO has removed all spare wheels from their cars …


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reinstalled my last installer, v6.13.0

seems to open the images fine

how do I disable the update check? there’s no option in preferences


I just got found the same issue with Photolab 7.4 (I upgraded from version 5 a few days ago). Absolutely ridiculous that it works, then doesn’t, then back to accidentally working, then not… Obviously the functionality is there. I wrote a support ticket and will 100% push for a refund if they don’t have a fix for this planned very soon from now.

Just got feedback from customer service who provided me with a link to 7.3. Problem solved for now, but very non-committal from the support agent basically just saying there is no guarantee that it will ever work again or be added to future versions.