Dxo sony raw

After update my DXO Pure Raw software to the version 3.10.0, compilation 36, the raws of my camera Sony A7IV can’t be processed, neither the new pics or the old pics (some of it in many secuences that already I processed), I check the file type compability and all set correctly, (I use the .ARW compressed). Some suggestion? Thanks in advantege!

Probably the same as Sony A1 raws won't open only in crop mode with a macro lens - #2 by noname

None of them can be processed? As mentioned, there is an issue with in-camera cropped or smaller size RAW files (referred to as sRAW and mRAW).

I had a similar issue with Photolab 7. I contacted support and they provided me a link to the installer file of an earlier version where it works.

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