This version will not open Sony a7RV sRaw or mRaw, it was working before I did this update.
Adding this is an Apple MacBook Pro M3 pro Sonoma 14.2.1

lRaw files are still opening fine.

I just noticed the same thing. I am using a Sony a1 and a7iv.

I restored 7.3 from a time machine backup and all is normal again…

According to this page, sRAW and mRAW aren’t supposed to be supported. Looks like DxO switched on a feature in DPL 7.3 that should have been left off.

Wonder when (and how $$) DxO is going to promote the feature.

platypus, now that you mention it, it appears that the error message inside PhotoLab is wrong too.
I don’t shoot sRaw or mRaw at all.
The error comes up on images that I have shot in apsc crop mode. They are standard RAW files, just sensor cropped.
These image have always displayed correctly, even before version 7, so they didn’t accidentally turn something on in 7.4…

AFAIK, the s and m AWRs from my Sony A7R V were never supported in PL7 on Mac, but I stopped checking to see if this changed.

Thank you all for your feed back.
New Testing a7RV
sRaw and mRaw: Does Not Work
lRaw: Works
lRaw in apsc: Does Not Work because camera auto switches to mRaw.
so error message is correct.
Uncompressed apsc and Uncompressed full frame: Work
Compressed apsc: Does Not Work

None of this explains why I was fine until the upgrade or why pkraft returning to 7.3 fixed the issue.

I am losing some images from when I first got the a7RV, normally using lRaw and not using apsc at this point.

Interesting hear for DXO on this issue.

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… probably just a glitch. DxO will probably not comment this.

… you’d need to file your case to Otherwise, the message will probably not get through. Alternatively, you could create a feature request for us to vote for. Be sure to write what you request.

You mean the saying it is not a bug it is a feature is in this case it is not a feature it is a bug.