Sharp preview

Can developers do something about unsharp previews?
When the image is ‘’fit on screen’’ the preview is not sharp. All the other RAW converters I have (4 of them) give me sharp preview.

Hello @m9k,

Well, we do not have complaints about non-sharp “fit on screen” preview. Could you, please, provide us with the screenshots or video of the issue?

Thank you,
Svetlana G.

Hi Svetlana;
I doubt you could see the difference from printscreen.

Here is what I ment:

Here is another:

Oh, this one, got it - I thought you had an issue.
Yes, for now some corrections can be previewed only when zoom level is 75% and higher (they are marked with a special icon).
As long as you need the same with Sharpen The Zoomed Out Preview there is no need to create a separate request but vote for the existing one.

Svetlana G.