RAW images initially load clear, and then snap to blurry

I am interested in eliminating the problem, not running further tests. If I cannot eliminate the problem, I may switch to another software program.

To eliminate the problem you first have to understand what the problem is.



Would you be so kind to explain to me and aaron, what the problem is so we can solve the problem or at least make some kind of workaround.
What do we need to adjust so we can see sharp preview of RAW files when ‘’Fit on screen’’ and not only when zoomed to 75%?.
I’m using PL because it gives me some benefits but it’s a pain if the preview image is somehow blurry when placed ‘’Fit on screen’’.
Obviously you can’t develop RAW file at 75% zoom.

There’re two reasons that might explain what he sees.
The first one is when opening a raw file for the first time, the embedded jpg or thumbnail is shown. That is an image made by the raw converter in the camera, with the in-camera settings. An extreme setting in the camera could show you. I think you can see it only one time, then an image made by pl is stored in the database and used.
The second one is a way of how pl is working. I don’t think there’s a work around for that. I feel that is a short coming myself too.


That 75% boarder is related to the used tools I think. When changing the preset to “no correction” you will not see a difference.

I know from CaptureNx that before sharpening the image should be 1:1. But when done one could zoom out with no problems.


Sure. Please read all of these. They are all about the same issue. I’m not asking for much. I just need to see images the way they actually appear. That way, my edits are not “guesswork”. I can’t have blurry images fooling me into editing them the wrong way, right out of the starting gate.

PL3 does not read lens sharpness correctly

Blurry Correction Previews

Sharpen The Zoomed Out Preview

Sharp preview

Previews are unsharp on my screen

The first issue (link) was resolved in an update.

Not on my end, it wasn’t. And I thought this was only affecting RAW previews. But this is a zoomed in jpeg from an old phone camera. So it affects the previews for jpegs, as well. Click on the image and the difference is like night and day. This is a screenshot of scrolling up and down at the 75 percent zoom view range.

You’re right.


People have been complaining about this for years, and no one seems to care, and it’s ironic that photo editing software is what’s having this problem. Software that directly interferes with one’s ability to see and edit a photograph is unusable. Other software does not have this problem. That alone, makes DXO Photolab an inferior product.

I’m quite sure that DxO cares. Can they do anything about it? Probably yes.

There’s one catch though: The issue exists as we can see above, but it does not exist on all computers and all images displayed under all circumstances. There are too many degrees of freedom involved to pinpoint the cause of the issue easily. We can help DxO through uploading offending images, sidecars and system configurations to https://upload.dxo.com. Please don’t forget to enter identifying info into the “support ticket number” field and post this info here.

I do agree with you. Except for that last one. Using it as a converter it has good tools. And that’s what I try to use.
Beside that. Viewing an image at less than 100% always includes a lower quality. Completely separate of this topic.


“Viewing an image at less than 100% size always includes lower quality” just makes it sound like you are trying to shoot down my post, but thanks for the reply anyway.

Reducing zoom level is like stepping away from your object. Details go away. DPL also disables a few corrections when zoom level is below 75% this changes the quality, no doubt about that. In combination with a smaller preview, even more details go away.

Whether quality is to be defined by detail (only) is in the eye of the beholder.

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The tool “Lens Sharpness” in PL4 show a crossed over eye when the zoom level is below 75%. If you bring your cursor over it, the following text is visible:
“The effect of this correction can only be previewed at zoom levels higher than 75%”

So this is a deliberate feature designed by the DxO team. In order to have a change, we have to convince the developing team.

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While viewing at less than 75% zoom looks less sharp than 75% and above, on my computer system(and the previous one) at least, I would not ever call it “blurry” in any sense of the word.

Since you have absolutely no experience with the same problem as me on your computer, I think your help would be appreciated elsewhere.


Completely separate of this topic.” it continued

I did shoot a grave with text under an angle of 45 degrees. Viewing at 1:1, 100%, it was sharp, but on windows size not.


It wasn’t clear to whom you were responding, Aaron - but my experience is that 99% of people offering advice/guidance/suggestions on this forum are genuinely trying to help fellow PL users.

BTW: You did offer to provide a “video recording of this phenomenon” … which would help us to understand what you’re seeing.

Regards, John M


I was trying to help and I’ll post wherever I please.