Blurry Correction Previews

Does anyone else experience soft correction previews 70% zoom and below when they appear much sharper at 80% and above? I have previously culled some of my images thinking they were soft they should have been but I have now found they are actually good. Clearly something to bear in mind if you are using PL to choose which images are worth processing. Have also checked this in OP11 and find the same issue is there as well.

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Sharpness is not viewable below 75%. I’m guessing the intention is to speed processing up. I’m hoping that this is something they will rectify in future versions. If you look at the Sharpness and Unsharp Mask sections you will see that a oval with a dot in the middle representing an eye wtih slash through it is visible when the zoom is below 75%.



A view anything other than 100% (1:1 or 1 pixel on the screen is represented by 1 pixel in the image) is interpolated and is not a precise rendering of an image.

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No official news. It is really boring.

The only way to see the final result in full screen is to export the image in tiff or JPG.
It’s a long time to do with lots of photos.

What is most troubling is that at first the full screen preview (F11) of a RAW photo appears for a fraction of a second net like with a Tiff export . Then the picture appears with a slight blur.

This means that it is possible to display a RAW photo neatly in full screen without being 100%. No ?

It is strange that there is no more comment about it.
I really like DXO. But this point really spoils my pleasure to work with.

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Yes, above 75% you can see adjustments rendered. So a full image is optical corrected and colors and contrast at some point but not the sharpening microcontrast. (So clearview and microcontrast needs to be examend at least at 75%) Same for CA and purple fringing. Nor noise reduction at the level of Prime. or HQ (it seems very close to HQ but not the same.)

Sadly this isn’t a Full preview screen only the same preview on a full screen.

There is /was comment enough, but full rendering cost lot of resources of your pc which makes the total UI sluggy-er/slower reaction on adjustments and people likes realtime adjustment reaction. So they are in a split. (b…s on the floor)

I am not sure at which stage they are to improve overall preformens so they can change preview behaviour like you (and i) whishes. F11 full rendered full screen preview. (if its possible at all.)
Or splitscreen start vs finished at full image , 50% 75% 100% 200/%-… That will be a trill.! :slightly_smiling_face:

Patients will be the cure.

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Oh, no… Another potential Lightroom replacement shoots itself in the foot!

I thought my eyes were going funny, when I zoomed in/out and the image suddenly sharpened/blurred. Why not let me choose whether I accept the delay in rendering the image or not? Just like the silly wee preview of the super (allegedly) “Prime” sharpening. I will never know how good it is because unless I can see the results on the screen, I will never use it!

Patients will be the cure.

This rarely happens… We all hope that patients will be cured by their doctors! The word you need is “patience”.


Ja nu zie ik het patiënt en geduld.

eh gewoon op dat blauwe veldje klikken rechts onderaan en selecteer export to disk in ongeveer 95%.

duidlijk een Verlichte Kamer syndrome hier… en je weet waarom licht ver kan komen toch?
geen obstakels om het tegen te houden…


Yes; I also experience soft previews in Photolab and find this extremely annoying. I use multiple RAW converters and only Photolab has blurry previews. For me personally it’s annoying to develop RAW files if I can’t see a sharp image. Do you develop RAW files zoomed in to 75%? I think not. I develop my RAW files with images ‘’fit to screen’’.
There are speculations the developers did this to speed up the process. I say they should find another way.
Perhaps they just don’t know how to speed up the Photolab core. I hope they’ll find the way one day.

Looks like ‘the wheels are turning’ but they are turning slooooooooowly. :wink: