Lens sharpness and Unsharp mask when zoom under 75%, finally?

Hi, I know this was mentioned here for several times, but nothing happened in this regard for years. The power of computers today must be enough to show the effect of sharpening for any zoom ratio. Other RAW processors have no problem with this. I still consider to switch to Capture One and one of the big reasons is this. Can you please tell us, if you have any plan to add option to sharpen the preview for any zoom ratio or at least lower the limit to 50%, 25%, or other ratio?

Thank you.

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Is a link to a related request. Your request is also a good one.

Or maybe a better solution - a panel which will detect all faces in the image and show them zoomed to 100% to quick check eyes are in focus😉

I have been pestering the DXO team on the same topic for months… And I agree that Capture One doesn’t have such a limitation (and it’s faster too, nonetheless)!

Time to fix it!