PL6 stops loading all previews halfway with 'loading please wait ...'

I’ve just upgraded to PL6 and when I access a directory PL6 starts loading the preview jpgs fine, but slows down after a few hundred photos then stops altogether and the remaining previews just hang with the message ‘loading please wait …’. This happens with directories with between 700 - 1400 photos. This was not a problem previously with PL5 or PL4 when loading previews were fast and efficient. Any others having this issue?

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I got same problem loading CR3 & JPG files, I had hoped that the latest build would fix this issue. Problem still exist in build 6.0.1 build 33. I do not have this issue in Photolab 4 loading CR3 & JPG files.

It is annoying … I need to close and restart PL6 when moving to a new directory to load previews, otherwise nothing loads … it all frames are showing ‘loading please wait …’. And when I restart it doesn’t load all the preview files for a directory. It starts loading, slows down and half the directory previews are there but the rest are stuck on ‘loading please wait …’ … it basically gives up loading all the previews in the PhotoLibrary module. This was never an issue in PL5. My directories have between 700 and 1400 files in each.

Yes I am having the same problem. Like you say it seems to have a thumbnail limit and just stops loading up any more after that. It’s not a cache problem as when it happens I’ve checked my cache and it’s less that 400MB. Lots of restarting PL. I’ve never had this problem in PL4.

Yes - I’ve checked my cache too and it is not that - my limit is 5000MB and I am nowhere near it. As you say, it seems to be a thumbnail limit. I was going to see if I could figure out where that limit is, but haven’t got around to it. To access thumbnail images from the end of the directory I have restored to scrolling fast to the bottom of the thumbnail section so that PL6 starts loading the images from that end … then I can see the final images and review those (but then it also stops loading the rest after a while). Frustrating and seems to be a bug introduced with PL6 and it needs to be fixed. Anyone from DXO who have an opinion here? Moderator?

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I just opened a folder with 900 images in and it loaded all of those, then I went to a second folder with 1000 images in and in only loaded 26 in that one before it came up with the loading error. Though I don’t know if it’s effected by the size of the images or not.

I find if I start PL6 it will load quite a few from the directory it defaults to at startup, but not all. My directories from my recent trip are around 1000-1300 per directory and it never manages to open all those thumbnails at startup. If I after startup switch to another directory it doesn’t load a lot at all … only a handful (like your 26) … it is as if its ‘buffer’ is full. Try your second directory again by closing and restarting PL6. I suspect it will load more than 26. I don’t think the file sizes has a big impact, it uses the embedded JPG thumbnails in the Raw files and those are not particularly big.

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Yes it always reset when I restart PL. The folder with 900 in, I selected that folder first, closed PL then opened it again so it started from that point.

As this problem doesn’t seem to be common, maybe it may have to do with how the PC is configured ?
This is the configuration of my PC,
Windows 11 Pro 22H2 (build 22621.675),
Ram 32GB, CPU I7-10700K,
Asus Motherboard ROG STRIX Z490-F,
Nvidia GTX1660 Super,
SSD, WD Blue SN550 NVMe for Windows, Samsung 870 QVO for Photo’s.

Please open a support ticket at The technicians there will help you.

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Hard to say how comon it is as maybe a lot of poeople dont move around enough ( to other folders or within a folder ) during one session to cause the problem.

I’m going to install PL6 on my laptop as well as there’s another bug I want to prove that is or isn’t my PC and see what happens there.

I will open a support ticket for this issue today.

Please let me know if you have the same issue on your laptop regarding the loading of previews.

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Support ticket created for this issue.

Same here on my computer. PL5 worked fine, PL6 is hangs up.

In general I have the impression that PL6 performance is worse compared to PL5/PL4

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Actually I have the opposite impression. PL 6 runs faster than PL 5 or PL 4 on my system. Startup is faster, as are screen refreshes.


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I don’t think it is the PC - I have not made any changes to it since upgrading from PL5 to PL6 and I had no issues with PL5 loading all thumbnails for review. Never an issue with 'loading please wait … ’ hanging or ‘load error’. PL6 simply cannot load all thumbnails. Not sure if PL6 re-set some configuration settings but it doesn’t look like it looking at the preference settings (which are rather limited anyway).

My PC has 32Gb RAM and a motherboard and graphics card from 2021.

Thank you LJC - appreciated. This is clearly an issue introduced with PL6.

So I loaded PL6 onto my laptop and I get exactly the same problem, this time it stopped loading after 933 images so very close to the 926 I got on my destop PC. This was done using different folders that I used on my PC.

Thanks for the update Darrell, you may right that this may be a common issue PL 6.
Let us see what feedback I get from DXO support about this issue, I agree it doesn’t looks like a hardware issue. I will update this thread with any info I get from DXO support regarding this issue.