PL6.1's PhotoLibrary is now VERY slow, and won't open supported camera DNGs

Like the title says - the library loads photos very slowly and CPU/fans go at full steam.

Also, PL now won’t open DNGs - the previews stay as the shot JPEG [e.g. B&W], and when developing, it’s still the B&W embedded JPEG, it doesn’t develop the raw image, no way to get colour information.
DNGs were generated with Pentax K-S2, can be perfectly opened with darktable, rawtherapee…

ORF, CR2 work fine; DNGs [from supported camera] do not work.

See here and here - certainly the second one describes the DNG issue you are facing

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I’ve seen that also on Mac 6.1.0 version. Going to a folder which had already been in previous v6 releases seems to be frozen, taking very long time to display the first image and exploring thumbnails was not really moving.

I come back to 6.0.1 and instantly the folder is normally explored…

See below my update after reinstallation:

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Oh bother… it’s the waiting game now. Hope they fix this soon >=[

Weird how it will affect both systems - I hope they patch it soon, this is awful. Slow as molasses, and it doesn’t even work. The “fix” to revert to 6.0.1 just makes me think that their dev team will release anything for the sake of “updating” and “adding new features” but don’t bother to properly test, and make us users be their testers, mainly because I’m not the only one with these issues, and judging by the other threads, these are not the only issues!


I’ve rechecked with reinstall of 6.1.0 on my Mac after reboot, and going to a new folder all is going well as with 6.0.1.
Sometimes also I’ve observed that after installation of new release, it may take more time for some operations, and after closing and restart (and eventually restart of the Mac) all is going well.
Perhaps some time needed to do some background updates after install?

So unless some other trick, this is not an issue on my Mac anymore.

Thanks for replying! I have not reinstalled, but did close/reopen and did a couple of reboots, and is the same. Slow and no way to develop DNGs.
I’ll try doing a reinstall later tonight.

No change, still slow and DNGs don’t work.

I too have reinstalled without success, PhotoLibrary is still very slow.

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Hi all.

I just installed PL 6.
Then after attempting to use it for 10 hrs with no success, it suddenly told me an update was available, so I added it.

Though for me, my DNG files from supported cameras didn’t work initially and still don’t work after the update.

When I browse to a DNG, I am shown the embedded low resolution thumbnail preview also stored in the container.

As I mentioned, I’ve been on this all day and have not figured out how software that tells me it recognizes my camera and lens and has downloaded and installed the corresponding profiles, then goes on to misunderstand the DNG file.

Is this what you all are discussing here?
Or does it seem I have a separate issue?

Being completely green to this software, I appreciate your support and helping me make distinctions that only come with experience.

I’m attempting to replace Adobe because
~I’m not a fan of the subscription
~I don’t like working with software continually adding features when features advertised to work previously still do not function correctly
~I’ve run into several bugs with color space/tag and while I figured it out and successfully alerted Adobe who finally fixed it, it is unacceptable to me that pro software would make my adventures in learning color science HARDER by getting it wrong themselves. Not to mention to 2 weeks of condescension I received from the archive support community who insisted I just hadn’t calibrated correctly (this was an illogical assessment that I’d have imagined was clearly ruled out due to the nature of the issue.)
~several bugs greatly impeding my workflow with Adobe seem to have just been shrugged off. Literally, the engineers told me they were diligently seeking a solution, then just ghosted me. It takes 20-30 minutes to save a PNG from Photoshop.

I’d wager perhaps 25% of my learning with Adobe has been teaching me errantly, what with the number of workarounds I have to employ.

Pardon my rambling.
I really want DXO photolab to work for me and currently, I have a bad taste in my mouth.
It’s like I was in a super hot date, totally vibing, then as we are walking along, my date kicks a dog and tells me they hate dogs. :person_shrugging:
That would be a bummer.
And this definitely is.

@TomDX Hello, please, provide some DNG files sample images. Upload them here - and let me know when ready.
Thank you

The latest update now opens DNGs properly, but the photo browser is still veeeeeeeeery slow.
To find a photo inside a folder with ~200 photos I have to wait on each line until it loads the previews, scroll again, wait more… scroll again, wait more… it is exasperating.

OK, I have the same problem here and PL6 is now completely unusable - just constant beach balling and I haven’t yet had the patience to wait fro it to stop so that I can actually do some work.

Going to be asking for my money back soon if this isn’t fixed. Hi-spec 2022 MacBook Pro (M1) and much as I love this software when it is working I just cannot afford the time this takes to be usable.

You need to be a bit more specific.

  • Which version of PL6 are you using? (current version is 6.4)
  • How many files in the folder you are trying to browse?
  • What file types?
  • How large are the files?

This whole discussion is in the Windows section of the forums, so you may not get as many (pertinent) replies as if you were to post in the Mac section.

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I’ve re-installed it this morning so the latest version, but I can’t even click on anything to tell me which version. It has totally and completely crashed now and I just get the spinning beachball if I click anywhere on the screen and it says ‘Application not responding’ in the dock.

Didn’t know there were separate Windows and Mac areas - I just searched ‘PL6 slow’ and this is what came up.

Please re-read my message and, this time, try to respond to the questions I asked. In addition, please specify how much memory and hard disk and which version of macOS you are running.

I note that you joined these fora in January and yet this is the first time you have posted anything. Has this fault only just occurred? If so, what changed in your setup?

How very patronising!

It seems you didn’t read my answers either as I was unable to open PL6 at the time.

It seems to have resolved itself now after a few re-boots. However, I am now looking for an alternative for this software as it is just painfully painfully slow - I frequently have several thousand images in a folder and waiting for every bloody one of them to render is a complete nightmare.

If you just have one or two images in a folder I’m sure it’s fine, but for a busy event 'Tog it’s worse than useless.

Not really. I am a retired consultant software engineer who has over 30 years of designing, writing and supporting users of software and was trying to get enough information from you to help you.

The fact that you have never raised this issue, or any other, in the four months you have been a member of these fora indicates that this may not have been a problem in those four months but has suddenly become a problem, thus indicating a change in your installation.

If you can’t be bothered to provide answers to reasonable questions, provided by volunteers, you cannot expect us to have sufficient information to answer you questions.

That’s certainly not the most efficient way of working with PL - - as you’ve found, it will take a very long time for it to work its way thru a large number of images.

Instead, better to use a “work-in-progress” work flow … That is, move a small sub-set of RAW files into a “WIP” folder, and work on them with PL … then move the results into your archive structure. Repeat.

Yes, that seems to be the case unfortunately.

Sadly it seems no-one is able to provide a workable alternative to Aperture for event photographers. Your suggestion might be OK for most, but my USP demands that I typically have 2-3,000 images from just one class of a competition and the time (and loss of directory structure) involved in transferring a few at a time into a WIP folder is simply unworkable.

Thanks for answering politely and respectfully. It seems I need to find an alternative solution to DxO - or change my entire business model.

Ho hum…

PS. I’m not an IT guy by any stretch of the imagination and I still don’t understand why the software needs to render every image in a folder, rather than just the one(s) selected for editing? I’m sure there is a reason for it, but it would be really nice if you could just toggle that according to your own preferences.

How I used to work in Aperture was to select a single image for editing, then copy and paste those basic edits to every image in the album. It was super fast as it only actually applied those edits on export if you didn’t open up each one in the editing window. So you can batch edit and export one album in the background, while you start working on the next one.