Images not loading until you click on the one at the time

There is definitely a problem when Photolab 6 opens some of my folders with heavier files. I have seen it with RAW, DNG and now TIFF-files. I have never before experienced stability problems with Photolab before pre version 6. With my RAW I even had to reconfirm the import of lens profiles too.

Below you can see a folder with TIFF that was indifferent for loading until I systematically started to click on each and every image. Then it took about five seconds between the loading of the images I clicked. When I stopped clicking it froozed again.

From the start all images had frozen in a "loading … " state.

I have reported about this earlier with RAW but now I see the same problems with old TIFF-files.

Can someone at DXO fix this because it´s really irritating.

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You will need to open a ticket at and provide whatever they ask you for.

Well, one could expect there were some monitoring of posts that are tagged with “Bug”.

… I have informed the support too.

This problem has the potential to get people leave Photolab altogether so they ought to have some interest to fix it. Here also the problem with the licenses come in since it´s not all that easy to downgrade when just the latest product key code is active and accessible from “My pages”.

On my Mac, the license file(s) remain in their folder forever…unless I delete or move them. I also keep a list of keys :wink:

Yes. Irritating! Please fix this DxO.

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John M