CR3 Thumbnails not showing - get "loading error" instead

Have just upgraded to PL6 and have a crippling issue with CR3 (Canon Raw File) thumbnails not showing in the photo library.

Its very consistent. If I click on a thumbnail with a “loading error” the CR3 file will still load correctly and also show up as a thumbnail. However, I of course cannot sit and click every single thumbnail to see my pictures when editing. Also, this happens again the next time I enter Photolab - even if I already edited and exported the image. There are no other problems and if I hover my cursor above the “missing” thumbnail image it will display the correct metrics for the image involved.

Only CR3 files are affected. All other files - and I take many formats - just work.

What to do? PL6 is useless for me to work in as it stands.

Just to add some detail. When I first open a folder it typically shows the first CR3 file correctly - but gives an “loading error” for all the subsequent files.

Hi and welcome,

How many files are in your folder? Try creating a new folder that PL6 has never seen with maybe 10 files in it and see if the problem still appears.

It varies a lot. From 10-20 to over 1.000.

However, there are some folders with even 1.400 CR3 files that open with all the thumbnails appearing correctly. If I go from there to one of the folders which has problems showing thumbnail the problem remains.

I have “tested” around 60 folders and about 15 have consistent problems. Some of these are “new problem folders” in the sense that they have previously opened without problems.

Any suggestions are welcome.

Welcome, @Maiaibing - I hope you can get an answer here, but strongly recommend that you also open a ticket at for technical support.

It might be a stupid question but, are you sure these are not sRAW or mRAW files?

Thank you for the suggestion. They are standard CR3 files. I don’t do the Canon in-camera compressed formats.

Thanks for the tip - will do.

This won’t help because I’m on PL5 but I don’t recall ever seeing this problem with my .CR3 files, which I’ve been editing using PL since March 2020.

In other words and as has already been suggested, contact DxO Support.

@Maiaibing and @stuck could this be related to the PL6.0.1 bug reported here PL6 stops loading all previews halfway with 'loading please wait ...' and Win 10 DxPL6.0.1 Can't handle large directories - thumbnail refresh fails and elsewhere.

If you feel that you can move to PL6.1.0 then

  1. Secure a copy of the PL6.0.1 (presuming that is the release you are on), marking as the PL6.?.? release, before downloading the PL6.1.0 release.

  2. If you are processing any images by first putting them through the Adobe DNG convertor or otherwise presenting DNG image to PL6 then be aware that there appears to be a bug in DxPL6.1.0 with respect to such images!?

Please respond on whether you feel that is strategy might help



Thanks. No, its another problem. Mine does not say “loading please wait” but “loading error”.

This appears to be an issue I think on certain CR3 formats; what’s different I have no idea. I initially thought it might be a Windows issue, but it’s doing it on both Windows 10 and 11.

My Canon M6 mk2 has no issues with generating thumbnails. My R3 will not generate them unless I click on the image first.

Was your problem fixed?
I have the same problem.
Have a great day