PhotoLab v6.9 (Windows 10) Failure to export DeepPRIME or DeepPRIME XD

PhotoLab V6.9 fails to export DeepPRIME and DeepPRIME XD to disk. No problem exporting the same image in HQ or Prime. See screenshot.

Never had this problem before with previous versions. Reinstalling V6.8 solves the issue.

That said, V6.8 fails to use my NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 card. DeepPRIME and XD use the CPU only.

I don’t know if this is relevant to the v6.9 save failure problem. The failure to use the NVIDIA card for DeepPRIME is a recent issue. Earlier versions of PhotoLab (possibly even v6.8 initially) always used the card. V6.8 sees the card but will not use it even if it is specifically selected in Setup.

Hi Peter – Your experience with PLv6.9 is possibly (probably!) related to this and this.

I’ve submitted a call to DxO Support … You may wish to do the same.



Many thanks for the links. I have submitted a report to DxO Support as you suggested.

I had seen the contents of your first link but not the second. It appears there are a number of people experiencing problems with NVIDEA cards.

I have had to revert to v6.0 (nearly a year old now) as I failed to keep v6.1 to v6.7 install programs (I live and learn).

If anyone reading this has a copy of v6.7 installer that they are willing to provide a link to, I would be most grateful. If not I will need to stick to v6.0 until DxO hopefully sort out this mess.


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I have the 6.7 installer for Windows but I no longer have access to dropbox to upload such a large file. If you have some place where I can upload it I can send it to you.


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Thank you - that is very kind.

Unfortunately I don’t know of a way it can be done without DropBox or similar. I will do a little research and see if there is some easy way way to do it. I will get back to you if I find one.

Best wishes


Do you have a Google account? If so then you have a Google Drive, which is the same thing as Dropbox.

You could try

My name is Mark, not John. Try this link from my Google drive. This is actually the first time I’ve done this since I always used DropBox. Hopefully it works. Let me know.

Since it is an executable file and too large for Google to scan for viruses they will warn you before allowing you to download it. This executable file was downloaded from DxO and installed on my Windows 10 computer, however, I take no responsibility for this file once I uploaded it to Google drive. Use it at your own risk.


Mark. Sorry for calling you John. I got confused with John-M who sent me the first reply.

I have used the link and you should get an email from me via it, asking you to grant access to the file.

Many thanks again for doing this for me.

Best wishes


No problem. I just granted you access. Let me know if you are able to install it successfully. I have all the backups but they all have the same file name. Let me know if I inadvertently sent you the wrong version.


Mark - Got it, many thanks. I will install it tomorrow. The file ‘properties’ indicate it is v6.7 so should be perfect.



I installed v6.7 (thanks again Mark) and can confirm that it uses my NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 video card correctly.

Canon R5 RAW files processed with DeepPRIME XD save in 49 seconds with v6.7 compared to around 9 minutes 30 seconds with v6.8 (which only uses the CPU).

v6.9 save feature fails completely with DeepPRIME and XD as per my initial post.

Thanks to everyone who helped/gave advice in response to my post.


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PLv6.8 works fine with my NVIDIA GPU too … It’s just 6.9 that plays-up on my system.


Slight misunderstanding I think. V6.8 does NOT recognise my NVIDIA GPU. Although the program ‘sees’ the card in setup it fails to use it even if I select it as the default. v6.7 works fine with the GPU.

I can save DeepPRIME and XD files in v6.8 but it takes an eternity to process as only the CPU is used.

V6.9 displays an error message when trying to save DeepPRIME and XD files, so I have no idea if it is trying to use the video card or not.



I’m seeing the same behaviour as above - i.e. 6.9 fails to export DeepPrime at all. 6.8 works but with very slow exports so I suspect it’s using my CPU instead of my NVIDIA GPU. Unfortunately I didn’t save a copy of 6.7 to try it out. Does anyone have a spare copy on their hard drive that they can share?

Yes, I did misunderstand - - I was wondering why you wanted 6.7 … 'cos 6.8 works fine with my NVIDIA GPU … it’s just 6.9 that plays up on my system

I see that a new 6.10 version is now available … I’ll check that out and will report back.


There is a copy available on the following dropbox link. The copy was provided to me by Mark Silvers and I have installed it successfully.

I have modified the file name to include ‘v6.7’ and the dropbox file is a ZIP which contains the executable program. Let me know if the link does not work.

When going through to the link, dropbox will report it is too large to view. The ZIP is 762 MB. It does download OK though. I have done it.



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Just post a wetransfer link.

EDITED : Ah. Same response already given some posts after yours.

Thank you! And thank you for the additional info re 6.10. I’ve opened a support ticket so I’ll need to see what happens there.

Has anyone affected by this bug tried upgrading to PL7? Just wondering if it’s fixed in the newer version.