DxO PL 7 Painfully Slow to Export JPEGs

I only use studio drivers. While it may not make any difference, I suggest installing studio drivers rather than game ready drivers.


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For Nvidia card users, I suggest downloading and installing Nvidia’s GeForce Experience software which will alert users and install new game ready or studio drivers for their cards.



@JoPoV perhaps but I am not convinced in this case!

So I have the following for PL6.10


after a CPU only test so I need to set to


and restart for that new setting to take affect, so I get


after the restart.

On PL7 I have this already


In both cases I have

I also have the drivers shown in my previous post.

105Ti GPU-Z while exporting 5 D570 images wirh PL6.10 - DP XD

I believe we have issues which affect some users but not others and I am not convinced that a change of drivers will necessarily help. I am not using studio drivers, I am using slightly out of date Game drivers and I have no problems with 6.10 or 7 with respect to exporting specifically!

I will produce the GPU-Z output for the same tests later, I am currently putting a coat of wood stain on a garden gate that basically needs replacing!!

PS:- Sorry I missed the GPU-Z diagram

@Rob’s post above indicates that a return to an older driver might be the answer but I am concerned about the DxO response to his fault report in the light of the experiences in this post and the 6.10 post showing an increased number of users with problems.

How many are using laptops and are there any users with these problems that are using a desktop?

Not all nvidia GPUs support studio drivers, particularly those in laptops. Yes, I have downloaded and used Nvidia’s GeForce Experience software. Only Game Ready drivers are available to me.

I’m on a laptop and I update my driver via the Geforce Exeprience software. I tried downloading an older studio driver, but that didn’t seem to improve anything. In fact I think it made it worse, because I started having issues even while viewing photos. The latest driver update available is from September 21st, 2023. That’s the one I have re-installed just now. I think this is a PL7 issue, but what do I know. I hope they figure it out, otherwise this is the end of me upgrading or purchasing new DxO software.

I don’t think I’ll ever buy another laptop, since most of my productiveness happens on an iPad Pro. Sure wish DxO started shifting in that direction! Tablets are becoming more powerful than laptops these days.

@Rob I am running Game drivers on my desktop and decided to update to the latest Game drivers an hour ago (that was yesterday evening). Repeated the test I showed above on PL6.10 and 5 x D750 images took 3 minutes and 11 seconds versus 3 minutes and 6 seconds on the old drivers and then on PL7.0.1 the same images took 3 minutes and 4 seconds, all with GPU-Z running.

@DSS The problem I had been experiencing with PL6.10 was ultra high processor usage when simply browsing a particular image, a number of things has now emerged as a result of the testing I have being doing here!

  1. The problem only occurs when DP or DP XD is chosen even though the graphics card is not being used (much) i.e. this is GPU-Z when browsing from one copy to another and back again in PL6.10 in PL7.0.1 the GPU is not used at all.

  1. It is possible that the ‘Preferences’ setting might have been set to ‘CPU only’ for some of my attempts to reproduce the problem and setting that back to ‘CPU only’, even with the updated drivers still causes the extreme processor usage.

So my problem appears to be that setting ‘CPU’ only and then selecting DP XD causes normal selection processes to consume as much processor as is available and reduce the responsiveness of the system to 0! Actually exporting the images with DP XD selected takes considerable time and as much processor as is available but the system remains 100% responsive.

While the ‘CPU only’ selection would not be normal on my systems it might be normal for a user who used a laptop in the field and did edits ready to transfer to a desktop machine for exporting and set DP XD in preparation for that transfer and consequent export.

The problem also exists on PL7.0.1 running on the same machine, i.e. the hardware configuration is the same. So selecting ‘CPU only’ and browsing any images with DP XD selected sends the processor into a “spin” and the responsiveness of that system to 0 for a period on any such image on the latest Gaming Nvidia drivers!

Using GPU-Z showed minor GPU activity on PL6.10 during the browsing but 0 GPU activity on PL7.0.1

I am sorry @DSS that there does not appear to be an easy fix, I suggest that all users experiencing the problem should log a Support request and report in the forum if DxO suggest that the fault lies with NVidia!

The code used to work, DxO might have made changes to exploit new features and improve performance but if that is the case they should either

  1. Remove the “improvements” and provide existing users with the ability to continue with using DP XD successfully.

  2. Retain the improvements but automatically detect that a users GPU requires the old code, if possible, and take the old code path or provide the user with an appropriate option to select the “safe” (working) option! With my GTX 1050Ti and RTX 3060 I don’t see any improvements so any changes in the code would be for what reason, exploiting features of the RTX 4000 series!? Please note that is simply me making a wild guess it would be good from some comments from @DxO_Support-Team at this point


  1. If either of the options I have suggested in 2 are possible they should be implemented @DxO_Support-Team and if they require a specific NVidia driver to work then that should be specified at that time

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PhotoLab v6.9 (Windows 10) Failure to export DeepPRIME or DeepPRIME XD!

Your hardware does not meet the minimum requirements for the programme to run smoothly.
This can only be solved by replacing your graphics card with what is indicated under minimum requirements.
Wanting to keep costs down for myself, I recently bought the Sapphire Pulse RX 6600 (AMD) and everything runs like clockwork.
Previously, with the GeForce GTX 1050 (PL version 6.9), it took me almost 1.5 minutes to export to disk with DeepPRIME XD activated, now it takes me 8 seconds!

I have an old machine that runs on Windows 10, Intel Core i3-4150@3.50 GHz with 16GB RAM and Nvidia GeForce GT 1030 (2GB).
DxO v6.9 with DeepPrime XD on 42MP image export took as I recall around 4 min.
DxO v6.10 with DeepPrime XD on 42 MP image export took 16 min. :scream:
This is 4 times slower with just one update on the same version of DxO. Not cool at all.
I hope it’s a bug and will be fixed soon.

You card is well below the minimum specifications for processing DeepPRIME and XD but clearly the performance should not have changed so dramatically between 6.9 and 6.10. Just to confirm, are you using the most current driver available for your card? DxO suggests keeping the drivers current. Unfortunately it may be that your card is no longer getting driver updates.


For this card only a game ready driver is available

search: Official Drivers | NVIDIA

GeForce Game Ready Driver | 537.42 | Windows 10 64-bit, Windows 11 | NVIDIA

GeForce Game Ready Driver

Version: 537.42 WHQL
Release Date: 2023.9.21
Operating System: Windows 10 64-bit, Windows 11
Language: English (US)
File Size: 644.41 MB

@mwsilvers Yes, I installed the latest driver with no effect. It seems DxO PL doesn’t use my GPU anymore while exporting even thou it is supported.
Screenshot 2023-10-08 181521

Here is a screenshot of my task manager while exporting.
Screenshot 2023-10-08 182403

It is clear that DxO PL doesn’t use my GPU and the CPU is at 100%

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Have you tried reinstalling 6.9 to see if it resolves the problem?


@mwsilvers Unfortunately I didn’t save 6.9 in the hard drive and now I’m stuck with 6.10. Lesson learned :wink:.

I sent you a private message.


@hmesman If DxO keep raising the bar they will disenfranchise existing users every time that happens!

Keeping up with the NVidia drivers is important but so is providing continuity for existing users.

You and I have the ability to “catch up” by buying a newer graphics card but that option is not available to laptop users. Plus although the 1050Ti card might be below minimum spec. it is shown like this on my desktop i7


and works pretty much as it has on earlier releases (slowly but way better than CPU only)!

@DSS how is it shown on your laptop

@mwsilvers The 1050 and 1050Ti are still receiving updates!

I am running on the desktop 1050Ti and it worked with the previous drivers from earlier this year and I just upgraded to the latest and am running PL6.10 and PL7.0.1 and they were running fine on the old drivers and now running fine on the latest Gaming drivers.

So we have two issues

  1. I believe that PL7 and potentially PL6.10 are not recognising the graphics card at all, @kal’s posts seems to show that is not entirely true or have changed the coding in DxPL, possibly to utilise new features, e.g. for the RTX 4000 series and somehow broken the code for some users, but my desktop 1050 and 1050Ti cards both continue to work successfully.

  2. There is a bug which needs to be fixed sooner rather than later!

@mwsilvers I believe that you use a 1050Ti is that on a desktop or laptop system?

@hmesman it is interesting to hear about your experiences with the RX 6600 because they are more competitively priced than the NVidia cards. In another post a PhotoLab user contacted Topaz for their comments and they suggested a preference for NVidia but that may have been with respect to consistent experience across the range not just in relation to the latest cards?

Correct, but the card that I was asking about was not a GTX 1050. @kal indicated his card was the GTX 1030. That is the card I was asking about. @Guenterm has since indicated there is a game ready driver for that card available.


@mwsilvers I understand that but I also understand the snapshot which shows one part of DxPL is happy with the card used by @kal, so why does another part of DxPL seem to ignore the existence of the card!?

I am guessing that DxO have made some “improvements” to the algorithms and effectively sidelined certain users but this topic was started by @DSS who has a laptop with a GTX 1050, as do I on one of my machines.

There are two things that I don’t want to happen

  1. DxO change the “minimum” specification and don’t allow the use of any GPUs that are below that specification, effectively sidelining some Desktop users who then need to spend around £300 to get an inspec device, until DxO raise the bar again, and laptop users who will then need to spend considerably more!!

  2. DxO actually “raises the bar” by internal changes they make to the product, for one reason or another, when any number of us could be sidelined overnight, i.e. if changes are required to make the most of the RTX 4000 series and then the … series, then please continue to retain the code for those of us who have no budget to keep buying graphics cards (or laptops).

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No…studio drivers are on a different schedule , but otherwise no different.

So what was once in a studio driver is now by far in the game drivers as well .

Why don’t have the “undo update and return to version 1 back or 2 back”?

The factor 4min to 16min is not a normal decline of hardware in one SUB version of DxOPL that’s plain stupid.
Mine system is even older but until v6.10 it was reasonable steady in preformens thru the versions and subversions.
Now they basicly force me to spent 2000 euro on new desktop?
Ok i could buy for less and upgrade later again with the right Motherboard with PCU highend i7 or a i9 or one of there amd cousin and sufficient powersupply i can replace after 4/5 years rammemory and videocard for upgrading speed specs. But often there’s a sweetspot for longlasting hardware. (link was quick clicklist. )

But around 1500 euro is the aiming price for a longlasting desktop.
Sure i need to renew my desktop anyway after 12 years many would state.
Problem is there wasn’t any warning about this decline in processingspeed before i clicked update and install.

So build in a reverse to former version option.(just a link to the versiondownload)

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Same as what you show in your screenshot. It looks like it’s supported, yet maybe not utilized.