Make image browser window size and location mode dependent

I’m re-posting this request here because now that we have (pre) DAM features, having a more flexible image browser will become more important.

Existing problem:
I’m using a dual monitor configuration. Currently, the image browser window has the same size in Photolibrary mode and in Customize mode. However, I have all my palettes and the image browser windows on the secondary display.

In Photolibrary mode, I have plenty of room for the image browser window since the tool palettes are not displayed and I could make use of the full secondary display but when I switch to Customize mode, all my palettes appear on the secondary display and cover the image browser. In that mode, I could do with a simple film strip, though.

Proposed solution:
The problem is easy to fix. Just allow the user to specify an image browser window size and position for each mode (or allow the program to remember the size in each mode separately) and automatically resize when switching modes. It’s easy to program and would make things much more comfortable.

I guess this would be useful as well when using a single display configuration.

Windows 10 - DPL 2 - dual display configuration.

Thanks in advance.

Great request. I’m dual monitor (one a 4K) on Mac and face similar issues when switching between modes.

Of course, a workspace management system like in many other applications would be even nicer.

Hi Pat - By a “workspace management system” are you referring to ability to manage/change/modify the user-interface to your personal liking ?

If so then this may (?) provide an answer to your wish: Customising the PL user-interface (Workspace)

Regards, John M


Hi John,

I should have said “overall” or “full” workspace system. Currently, the Workspace menu is available only in Customize mode. Depending on what the user is doing, various arrangements may also be needed in Library mode. I don’t see a good reason for limiting this feature to the Customize mode. Two modes, two possible arrangements, managed separately.


Ah, OK - I don’t see the need (for my personal workflow), but I now understand your point … I’d probably agree
with you if I was working with dual monitors too !

John M


Anyone at DxO working with a dual monitor configuration :innocent: ?


Bump !

Yes, I know, I’m somewhat stubborn.

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This would be a little help.
But what would really help is a consistent interface really configurable.

Just a guess for example :

Interface should be divided into “panes” that user can organise as he wants on any number of screens.
Those organisations can be saved and loaded as “workspaces”.
Each “pane” can contain any “pane item” which can be changed anytime (user choice).
“Panes item” can be any “editor” or “view” available in PL.
All “panes” should all have the exact SAME properties (scale, split, detach, close, full screen toogle, etc …).
Those properties can be run with drag and drop (scaling) , a mini tool bar (icons on top of each pane) AND (not or) shortcuts (contextual = mouse overing pane).

Let see :