Would you show me your PhotoLab workspace?

Hi everyone,

I’d like to see your actual workspace in PhotoLab, to see how you organize your space and your work.
Would you mind share it with me?

Here are the details:


  • make a snapshot of your whole screen
  • if you use a two screens setup, make a snapshot for each
  • don’t resize the images
  • use the JPG format with a medium compression


  • make 1 snapshot of your everyday workspace (with the palettes extended, just what is viewable on your monitor without scrolling down)
  • make 1 snapshot of your everyday workspace with all palettes collapsed

Please note: if you use a second monitor to place all your palettes, you don’t need to collapse them.

You can either send the images to this email (“myfeedback-at-dxo-dot-com”) or send them to me via a private message here, on the forum. Replace the “-at-” and the “-dot-” with you know what :wink:

Thanks for your help!

Mine is published for a long time :wink:



I see. Perfect! :wink:

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Time to re-read this old thread : Make image browser window size and location mode dependent .

Also, I’d like to know why the idea of “workspace” is limited to the Customize mode. This has always been a mystery for me.

I can never see all my palettes when they are open… Would it not be easier to export the workspace file and send that to you?

Hi Joanna,

I prefer to have a screenshot with what’s visible on your actual monitor without scrolling. And then, it would be nice to also have the same screenshot but w/ all the palettes collapsed.

If you can’t send the screenshots, you can send me your “.dopworkspace” files, but because my screen is not the same as yours, I’ll not get what you actually have on your monitor…

Thank you.

Hi Steven,
Here are JPG’s of my workspace (full and collapsed) on Windows.
The palettes are based on <DXO_Standard> modified according to my needs: the histogram is on the right side, followed by the tone curve (which I use quite well), then come the “Light”-tools and then the “Color”-tools. It should be noted that some tools are activated (white squares), others are not but ready to be used.

I would (also) be interested to see the layout of the workspace adopted by other users.

Hello André,

Thanks for your screenshots!

Oh, so you’re curious to see other’s workplaces too :wink:


Yes, one can always find interesting and/or useful ideas :smile:

Hi Joanna,

Thanks a lot!
Nice picture BTW :wink:


Indeed :wink:

le mien:

even collapsed VP and FP won’t fit in the screenshot =]

Here is mine - Collapsed:

and Expanded:

Monitor is 2560x1440


Merci !


Thank you!


Just perfect!

Thanks a lot.

One thing I like about PL palette, you can put them in order you want and where you want.
Are you asking this because DxO has some plan to redo the entire template look?