Solo mode in PhotoLab

I have used DxO since OP9 (now I’m on PL2). What I find missing in the user interface is an equivalent of the solo mode of Lightroom (it can also be found in darktable and RawTherapee).

It works this way: you click a given tool/module and all the other open tools are collapsed automatically, which saves you one click every time you want to change the tool. Shift-clicking another tool could allow to keep two or more tools open at the same time.

It would probably work best if the solo mode could be initiated within a given palette, so that if you have some tools that you want to be open all the time (e.g. histogram), you’d just put it in a separate palette.

What do you think?

Anything to make the existing arrangement more user friendly :slight_smile:

Hi everyone !

@sankos => I love the idea as it’s indeed a very useful feature. We’ll talk with the team seeing how we can deal with this. Anyway, to answer at the same time to @ColinG, we’re are looking a lot into adressing the user interface issues and the “accessibility” and usability of it.

So, yes, there will be things coming up. :wink:

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Thanks Fabrizio :slight_smile:

That would be terrific. Its one of the few things I miss from Lightroom. Its allows for a smoother workflow. I’m sure you have a recent version of Lightroom available to the development team so they should be able to see how Adobe has implemented this particular feature.

YES … but should be an option !
Because it’s very important to see at a glance all the current corrections.


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I second this idea. My current solution is to keep all the tool panels opened on my secondary display. However, this leaves very little room for the image browser (see Make image browser window size and location mode dependent).

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Thanks for voting on this feature. Hopefully it’ll have a larger traction with other users who can still cast a vote.

Here’s how others accommodate the needs of those who use and those who don’t use the solo mode. Lightroom and darktable have a general preference setting to switch the solo mode on/off. In RawTherapee you can use the LMB (left mouse button) to open many tools at the same time, and the RMB for the single tool open mode. This takes some time getting used to when transitioning from other raw converters, but it’s not a big deal for those who like a clean desktop while they work.

Hi everyone

Topic has been taken into account.
I’m closing to free votes and give room to other topics or ideas! :slight_smile:

Thanks for you feedback and suggestions people!

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