Option to see folders in "Customize" section

Another option I would like to see, is the “Folders” in the “Customize” section too. I work with a lot of folders containing folders with some HDR, stitched images and stacked images, inside a folder. Now I have to go back to “PhotoLibrary” pick the next folder and go back to “Customize” again, which is annoying.

Hi Theo - - For fast switching between the two operational modes, try Ctrl+Tab


Old issue. Please have a look at this feature request and possibly vote for it if it corresponds to your problem.

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In your case, I would try to setup a dual display configuration. You can certainly easily find a cheap secondary monitor on which you could display the browser window in both modes (Photolibrary and Customize). Also, don’t forget that the browser window is available in Customize mode. If not visible, use Ctrl-F9 to make it appear.

Also, you can use Ctrl-U to dock/undock the browser window in Customize mode.

See both screen captures (dual display configuration but you can also do that on a wide screen).


By combining all these workarounds, you can achieve what you want but I admit, it’s not as quick as it should be.

Once again, we’re back to a discussion about the design of the DPL UI. But apparently, DxO are not ready to make any move in this area.

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The PhotoLibrary only serves me to choose my work directory.
It would be good to have a palette dedicated to this just with the directories in the personalization mode, or then add a menu on the Image Browser toolbars.

Thanks, but it’s easier to use my mouse because I’m left handed.

I have an ultra wide screen which leaves me enough room to place it to the right. But I want it inside of the original window, not as two separate windows.

I have given some thought to this issue and I think that your request needs to be reworded. Actually, the problem is that the Folders “palette” cannot be made “floating” and cannot be docked to some other panel (for example docked to the Browser window).

There should a relation ship in the UI between the Folders window and the Browser window. If you could dock the Folders palette to the Browser window or make it floating like the Browser window, your problem would be solved, be it on an ultra wide display or with a dual display configuration.

It’s really strange that 2 windows that have a logical relationship (selecting another folder does change the browser window contents), don’t have a corresponding relationship in the UI.

In Lightroom, this issue is solved by adding a tool in the browser window that allows to quickly switch to a recently used folder. At least a similar tool should be added to the DPL browser window.

I’ll post this in the Requests section, if you don’t mind.

My two cents…

Actually, I never use the tree view. I just have a Finder window open and, when I want to select a file, I just double click, or “Open with…” to move to that folder.

Thanks! I use Optics 2024 as a plugin and every part of the screen can be altered the way | want. I prefer to have my images full size from top to bottom and use the extra space for all the attributes.

I use ACDSEE only for viewing, comparing and selecting my images. From there I can go to PhotoLab, but only as a single image. In Windows 10, I do get te whole folder loaded. But still it’s more work than to have it already in the same window.