Multiple Display Support within DXO software

I am new to PhotoLab 2.3.2 and NiK Collection 2 as a trial user. I am very familiar with NIK collection as I have used it for years as part of Nikon Capture NX2 (Color efex Pro 3 as a supplemental add on package.). That software allowed for support of a second display.

In PL2 I have tried to implement using two displays, one for the image and the other for the command windows, thumbnails, etc. I Used the Unlock Image Browser in View but never could get the image to the second display.

DXO support just emailed me saying Multiple Displays are not supported by DXO software and I would have to rely on my operating system to try and achieve this. I have windows 10 Pro version 1903 and have not been able to figure out a workaround for this.

Since NIK used to support some Nikon software and that software supported a second display, and since ON1 and others now support Multiple Displays I am suggesting that DXO add this feature to future version of PL and NIK Collection. Most of my photographer peers use multiple displays in their workflows.

I really like PL2 with NIK collection 2 and hope to buy it. I would have by now if I knew I could use it on multiple displays attached to my win 10 Pro Desktop pc

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You can do it and it’s very easy :wink:


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While we are at it, you may want to add your vote to the following request :


Pascal, thank you so much for this. It is excellent! And I am referring to all of the topics, not just multiple displays.